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~ Perversion of God's Blessings - Rewritten and expanded to contain the truth about the hundredfold return and other money issues.  Man's lust for money is not justified by the Bible!
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- March 18, 2006.  An article written by Thomas S. Gibson.
- The Prophetic Word, 1125 - 6 Ave, Wainwright, Alberta  T9W 1G2  Canada.

Perversion of God's Blessings

The Truth About the Hundred Fold Return and Other Money Issues

There are those who strongly support the hundred fold return, which according to them, refers to receiving 100 times more of everything they give.  Is this really in Scripture?

Jesus did indeed talk of the hundred fold return.  But the passage is not exactly as stated by some.  Rather than flaunt money and riches to His disciples, as many preacher's seem to do today, He warned severely of the consequences of having much money.  This warning was so strong that His disciples wondered who could be saved.

Before Jesus got around to mentioning the hundred fold return, He made a strong point of the seduction and deception of riches.  He said "if you will be perfect;" and is not this what the world, and indeed, christians seek?  To be perfect?  How hard it is to be rich in this life and also to serve Jesus!

If this young man did as Jesus stated then he would have built up treasure in heaven.  Note that it specifically says "treasure in heaven," not treasure on earth!  Giving on this earth to the poor and to the kingdom of God will give us much in heaven.  It is not so we can be rich in this life!

In these verses which teach the hundred fold return it is important to note that Jesus is answering a question of Peter of what they will have because "we have forsaken all." This passage is interpreted by many to be about giving money, but it is clearly about forsaking all.

The disciples gave up all things.  They left their houses and families.  They traveled on the road without knowing where their next meal would come from.  It was totally on faith and the provisions of Jesus' miracles.

As an example of forsaking all: if you had three houses and gave one up, it is not forsaking all, you still have two houses.  If you gave away two, you are still not forsaking all; you still have one to live in.  It is when you have given up all that you have forsaken all.  This passage is not speaking about giving money, but about giving up everything for Jesus' sake.

The disciples all had jobs or businesses before they left to follow Jesus.  So they did not just give some money to Jesus work, they gave up all sources of their money!  They will be blessed a hundredfold.

Look at verse 28.  Jesus states that this occurs "in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory." So while we may receive many blessings on this earth because of Jesus' love for us, we will not fully receive this hundred fold until after Jesus return!

With this understanding verse 30 makes more sense.  Those that have given up many things for Christ's sake will be last on this earth, but first in heaven!

Now let's look at another verse dealing with money issues:

Now this lays it on the line!  Gain in this world is not godliness!  So much for the prosperity "gospel," as I call it.  Godliness, according to verse 6 is contentment with what you have.  Those that seek riches will drown themselves in destruction!  Gain with God is being content with food and clothing, and your basic needs.  I wonder what those who have sought after money are going to say when they stand before the judgment seat.  They have erred from the faith!  They now have many sorrows!

Riches are a trap!  Hoarding of material things is totally of this world and has nothing to do with God and holiness!  God's blessings cannot be reduced to the money system of man.  There are those who try and make the Word of God into some kind of money machine.  But this is not so!

We are to follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, and meekness.  These things are true godliness!

copyright © 2006 by Thomas S. Gibson. The contents of this document is absolutely copyrighted against any altering!  You are encouraged print, copy, or republish this document.

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