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~ If 6,000 being killed is Evil, how can 40,000,000 being killed be Freedom (not Evil)?
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~ God gave America (United States, US, USA): Freedom to serve God, or Freedom from God?
^  Events surrounding this prophecy.
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- October 17, 2001.  A prophecy received by Thomas S. Gibson.
- The Prophetic Word, 1125 - 6 Ave, Wainwright, Alberta  T9W 1G2  Canada.

Oh, America, America, why have you forsaken Me, says the Lord?  Why have you forsaken Me?  For you have sought the very evil which has downed nation after nation, kingdom after kingdom, time after time, from the beginning of sin until now.

Search the Bible.  Read it.  Carefully examine it.  Do you not understand?  When a nation goes into sin and rebels against the God of heaven there comes a time of judgment.  You cannot get away from it.  You cannot escape it; except that you repent and that the people turn from their sin and stop it.

Do you not realize the parallel?  Do you not understand the ways of God?

     [ ... the Lord God says ... ]
Less than 6 thousand [6,000] people died when the towers came down [on 9/11/01], and you call that evil.

When they turn from their sin they are repenting!  When America turns from its sin I will say, "Stop!" and the judgment shall stop.  But until it does there shall be judgment!  If you think that this is judgment, you have yet to see judgment in any serious manifestation.

Many years from now you will say, "Yes, judgment has come."  And yet even more will come except that the nation repent!  For that is the only way it can escape.  I will turn up the wrath of God.  For My wrath, saith the Lord, will be strong!  And it will not turn aside except there be repentance.

From the heart turn from your sin and I will stop it [My wrath], saith the Lord.

Therefore, they have reaped what they have sown.  And they will continue to do so.  So says the Lord God!  [ 2Ch 7:14 ]

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