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~ 12/16/98 Attack on Iraq 'Consequences' begin 9/11/01
^  Events surrounding this prophecy.
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- September 13, 2001.  A prophecy received by Thomas S. Gibson.
- The Prophetic Word, 1125 - 6 Ave, Wainwright, Alberta  T9W 1G2  Canada.

After getting over the initial shock on Tuesday [9/11/2001] I had begun to question the Lord about the terrorist attack on the USA.  To my knowledge no prophet, including me, had prophesied about this specific event.  I wanted to know how this fits into the prophetic picture.

Early on the morning of September 13, about 2:00 a.m., God woke me out of my sleep and began to reveal to me a link between an event and prophecy that occurred years ago.  During this revelation in my spirit I had this feeling of dread on me.  I believe this was the dread referred to in the prophecy.  The revelation in my spirit went on for over an hour as God continually emphasised the facts over and over.

I had forgotten about this particular prophecy until the Lord reminded me of it that night.  Below is the prophecy that God referred to.

The Lord revealed to me in this time that if the USA had not attacked Iraq in December of 1998, this [WTC & Pentagon 9/11/01] event  would not have taken place. The Lord showed me that the US attack on that day (in Dec. 1998) set in motion a series of events of which ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.
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