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~ Click here for a List of Prophecies, Dreams, and Visions received by Thomas S. Gibson.
- The Prophetic Word, 1125  6 Ave, Wainwright, Alberta, Canada, T9W 1G2.

The text of his writings is copied here as provided by The Prophetic Word, a ministry founded by Thomas S. Gibson.  Every effort is being made to preserve the original text of the material presented (with obvious typographical errors corrected).  However, the emphasis depicted by type styles & sizes, the use of color, bold, italics, indentation, blank lines, headings, ~notes, [notes], etc. are not those of the original author.  Also, since prophecy puzzle pieces can be pieced together in multiple ways, the structure of the pieces presented here is not necessarily endorsed by the original author, Thomas S. Gibson.

Our goal is to watch and seek the truth revealed to us in the Bible, which is often amplified by, or its urgency underscored by, current day prophecies as events draw near.  Only with the fulfillment of prophecy will we begin to fully understand each prophesied event, and learn exactly how the pieces all fit together.

Thomas S. Gibson is dedicated to prophecy and other revelations from the Holy Spirit.

Surely the Lord God does nothing
Unless He reveals His secret counsel
To His servants the prophets. Amos 3:7 NASB
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