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~ Pat Robertson's comments and 2012 new year predictions: ~ The following is a text transcript of Pat Robertson's comments and predictions for the year 2012, transcribed from the January 3, 2012 broadcast of The 700 Club. ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.

- January 3, 2012.  A prophecy received by Pat Robertson, founder of The Christian Broadcasting Network.
- CBN.com, The 700 Club, 977 Centerville Turnpike, Virginia Beach, VA 23463  (757) 226-7000

[ Introduction ]

Pat Robertson:  I'm going to be sharing just a little bit of what the Lord told me.  I went away, and I always speak very humbly, I think I hear from the Lord.  If it's not the case, but ..., I have a relatively good track record, and I'll tell you what I think's coming in 2012.

Pat Robertson (clip from an earlier presentation):  The Lord said, and I'm quoting, "Your country will be torn apart by internal stress.  A house divided cannot stand.  [referring to Mar 3:24-25 ]

"There must be an urgent call to prayer."
And I think that's one of the things CBN has got to do this year, is just urge people to pray.

[ Loose the bonds of wickedness. ]

But God says at the beginning of this is "Loose the bonds of wickedness."

That's the good news.  God's got it under control.

Terry Meeuwsen [beginning the interview]:  Of course we know that, that God does have it under control, but yet He calls us to pray.

Pat Robertson:  He sure does.

Terry:  In 2nd Chronicles, that's very clear, that the onus is on His people.

Pat:  That's right.  "If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; [ then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. ]"  [quoting 2Ch 7:14 ]

[ Skipping over who might be the next president. ]

Terry:  Talk a little about where you see things going, what God's spoken to you.

Pat:  I spent the better part of a week in prayer, just saying "God show me something."  I'll share with you.

Some things I'll share with you.  I think He showed me about the next president [of the USA], but I'm not suppose to talk about that, so I'll leave you in the dark.

Terry:  [laughing]  Probably just as well.

Pat:  [laughing]  Probably just as well.  But I think I know who it's going to be.

[ List of  Predictions for 2012. ]

All right.  I'm gonna read, just what I wrote down, as if I'm hearing from the Lord these words:

 [ It causes  "A time of maximum stress and peril."  What is ' it ' ?  And, what is not ' it ' ? ]

Now I thought, when did we start this place.  I started CBN in, I think, 1960.

You think of all the things that went on [since 1960]:

    You had the assassination of the president [John F. Kennedy],

    You had the assassination of Martin Luther King,

    You've got a war in Vietnam.

    He says it's a worse stress than before.

I'm saying, God, let me give you some suggestions [multiple choices] [laughing] and You tell me if any of these are right.  Pick one.  So I said:
    Is it an EMP blast?  "No, that isn't it."

    Is it a cosmic or solar radiation blast?  "No."

    Is it Mayan galaxy alignment?  "No."

    Is it an Iranian or North Korean nuclear threat?  "No."

    Is it an earthquake or volcano?  "No."

    Is it a massive power failure?  "No."

    What is it ?

    "It's an economic collapse."

    And God said, and I quote,

    "This is not My judgment.  They are bringing it upon themselves."

Terry:  It's almost like we are in a morass that we can't extradite ourselves from.

Pat:  Well, it's incredible.  Here, the economy, it's like a boat going over a waterfall.  And people are rowing against each other.  One group is rowing to try to keep from going over the fall.  The other is saying, let's just take it easy and let the thing keep flowing.

[ The Next President, being elected in 2012. ]

The next president:  The Lord said:

    "He's going to be like a pilot in an airplane, who takes the controls, as the plane is going into a steep dive, and grabs control to try to bring the thing away from a crash."

    We are heading for a crash, a financial crash of major proportions, and the next president is going to be like him [the pilot], and grab the controls, and do all the things ...

    Terry:  to try to straighten the thing back up ....

    Pat:  But, it's tough to do, because the machine doesn't want to right itself, the momentum is so bad.

All right, now, the next thing.
[ CBN will have the best year ever. ]

CBN will have the best year ever.

    We'll have an amazing harvest of souls.

    Now, we counted yesterday in the prayer meeting, 620 million people have recorded, some way or another have been recorded or marked as, accepting the Lord.

    A greater harvest than ever.  This year is going to be fantastic.  And, it will be in the United States and overseas, what we are going to see.

 [ What the Bible has to say about the kind of political "Party Spirit" to have. ]

The Lord showed me something that I think is very, very important.  I read carefully about Galatians.

    And the apostle Paul is talking about the works of the flesh.  The Greek word is 'sarx,' the flesh.

    He listed the works of the flesh.  You see some of the things in there.
    Of course, you've got immorality and sensuality, which we see so much of.  [referring to Gal 5:19 ]

    But you've got enmities, strife, jealously, dissensions, factions.  [quoting Gal 5:20 ]
    All this is the [political] party spirit.
    We're seeing it in more graphic detail than ever before in our history.

    And God says, very clearly, and I want to read it:  [... they which do] Such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.  [quoting Gal 5:21 ]

    Terry:  That's not a word from here, that's a word from Him.

    Pat:  That's a word from Him, and He says you will not inherit the kingdom of God.  So don't tell me about your [political] party spirit, it's sinful.

    Now He says the fruit of the spirit, listen to this, is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.  [quoting Gal 5:22-23 ]

 [ Self-Control  [continuing with Gal 5:23 ] ]

Last, on self-control:  That's one of the problems in our country.  We don't have self-control.

    We don't have control over our spending,

    We don't have control over our eating,

    We don't have control over our drinking,

    We don't have control over our sensuality.

    There's no self-control.

    There's not a government big enough, so the liberals want to put in more, and more, and more, and more controls to do what only God himself can do for man.

    [ Lack of self control, has its own self consequences, whether a person, a business, or a government. ]

    [ Trying to substitute government control for lack of self-control, is not a solution, because the government has even more lack of self-control (has run up trillions of dollars of debt). ]

Terry:  Once we've given that part of ourselves away, there's nothing to make us want to take it back.

Pat:  That's right.

Terry:  We really need the spirit of God to do a move in our minds, and in our hearts.

Pat:  And then when somebody tries to warn about it, they are then condemned.

Terry:  Yes.

Pat:  All right.  So, that says those who belong to Christ have crucified the flesh, with the passions and desires.  [quoting Gal 5:24 ]

[ Conclusions ]

Pat:  Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm just telling you right now that, great things are [going to] happen in the spiritual world.  It's going to be good.

But, I also tell you that the country [the United States of America], that we live in, that we love so much, is entering a period of maximum stress.

    And it's there because of the conflicting points of view about what is the way to save the nation, and this mounting debt.  And,

    we're out of control, we don't have self-control as citizens.  And,

    we want more, and more, and more from the government.  And,

    we're not willing to trust in God.

    So we're going to pay the price.

And again God says "This is not My judgment, this is yours.  You are bringing it on yourself."

End of transcript.
^  Events surrounding this prophecy.

[ Notes:

    Violating economic laws (lack of self-control such as spending more than our income) leads to economic self-distruction (for a person, a business, or a government).

    This is not a judgment from God.  It is being self-imposed via a lack of self-control.

    This applies to any area of our lives where we lack self-control: spending, eating, drinking, sensuality, etc.

    For the warning signs (beginning with 9/11/2001) of God's judgment on the USA, see The Harbinger.  Many of these warning signs are rooted in our economy.

    Also see last year's predictions by Pat:  God's 2011 & 2012 Economic Direction for the USA.

    Also, see last year's:  No Nuclear Destruction by Fanatics. ]

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