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~ Pat Robertson's comments and 2011 new year predictions: ~ The following is a transcript of Pat Robertson's comments and predictions for the year 2011, transcribed from the January 3, 2011 broadcast of The 700 Club. ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.

- January 3, 2011.  A prophecy received by Pat Robertson, founder of The Christian Broadcasting Network.
- CBN.com, The 700 Club, 977 Centerville Turnpike, Virginia Beach, VA 23463  (757) 226-7000

Terry Meeuwsen:  You go up to the mountain top before the first of the year and spend some time alone with the Lord, in prayer, and God gives you some insight into things.  Tell me what happens?

Pat Robertson:  Well, sometimes I've had things that have been so spot on, it's almost frightening.  Other times I put these things out tentatively to see if this is what the Lord has. I'm not some kind of a psychic, so I want everybody to understand that, but I ask God for direction and He very graciously gives it to me from time to time.

But, here are some of the highlights of what I felt that He told me over an extended period of time.  I'm gonna share more of this with our staff, but, here goes; and take it for what you feel ... this is what I'm writing and I'm saying, this is what the Lord said:

"Your country [the USA] is in grave peril.  The leaders have hearkened to the demands of interest groups and led your nation into bankruptcy.

"In two years will come a time of reckoning ... its not now, but its gonna be two years [2 years] from now.  [late 2012 or early 2013?]

And God says:  "I will protect My people."  [ See 2Co 6:16 ]

But He says:  "Warn them now about what is coming.

The Lord said:  "My glory will shine throughout the earth. "In the midst of that, CBN will prosper, Regent University will prosper, the ACLU will be needed as never before."  And ... Pat:  And, God's going to give us extraordinary miracles, its gonna be another good year [2011] for CBN, but it's [2011] gonna be tough for the world.  So, that's the main message.

The word was:  In 2012 the man who is going to be elected president [of the USA], will preside over quote "an impoverished nation."  It's hard to believe that could happen, but it can [happen] quickly.

Terry:  Well, just as we just saw with that story on Governor McDonnell [turning around the finances of the state of Virginia from red to black since his election a year ago], you know, you can turn things around quickly, but things can fall just as quickly.

Pat:  Well, I don't think this is, in a sense, set in stone [stops reading the prophecy and takes off glasses].  I mean, you know, that's just what's gonna happen if we keep on doing what we're doing.

Terry:  Yeah.

Pat:  And we can change, and obviously its not, uh, but [without change] that's the way it is, and its going to be turmoil and confusion.

And, you know, the Lord said "wise men have offered solutions, and the solutions won't work."  And there's so many people who feel so proud of themselves, but they leave God out of the equation.

Terry:  Yeah.

Pat:  So that's the [pause], but unless we do something, we're, the country's bankrupt now is what the Lord is saying.  It's now.  If you look, you know, we have more debts than we have the ability to pay them.

Terry:  Exactly.

Pat:  So I think its time that we understand that, and we've got an example from Bob McDonnell here in Virginia that says, here's a way we can fix it.

Terry:  Yes.

Pat:  But, its gonna be serious, Terry.  I don't think people realize:

Terry:  So getting your house in order financially, getting out of debt, would be the practical things to do.

Pat:  Absolutely.

Terry:  And spiritually, getting tuned in to the Lord.

Pat:  Getting tuned in to the Lord.

Terry:  To refill.

Pat:  To refill when it ran out.  And, so they were prepared.  And people who are not prepared, but you just know of a fact, there's gonna be economic hardship.

Terry:  Well, over and over again in the Word [the Bible], it says:  "Let him who has ears, hear."  [ See Mat 11:15, Mar 7:16, Luk 8:8 ]

Pat:  Yeah.

Terry:  And so its a time for us to, you know [gestures], be open to what God's trying to say.

Pat:  Well, it's a realistic message.  It's not a message of disaster.

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Oh, there's something else the Lord said, and I think this is very important.  I forgot this.

End of transcript.
^  Events surrounding this prophecy.

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