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- July 1, 1994.  A dream received by Dumitru Duduman.
- Hand of Help, P. O. Box 571005, Dallas, TX 75357,  Phone (972) 613-9148.

It was past midnight. I could not sleep because I felt inside that God was going to speak to me, so I began to pray. After I prayed, I went to bed and fell asleep.

I dreamed that I began to hear thunder and see lightning. The earth began to move and shake violently. I yelled to my family, "Wake up, because something is happening outside!"

When I got outside there was such a darkness that I could not see anything. Yet, in that great darkness, I could hear the voices of children, women and men screaming.  I told my family to be careful of how they walked.

From the clouds that released this darkness on the earth, I heard a powerful voice say,

The earth moved as if it were on water. The people lived in a complete terror; each one yelling louder then the other - not being able to understand anything. The earth shook so violently that I was unable to walk.

Suddenly, in the midst of all the tumult, a light appeared - more powerful than any I've ever seen! In the shining light there were two men. One of them said to me,

After saying these words, he took out a scroll which began to unroll very quickly. It was so long that I could not see it's end. This dream was so real to me, that I went directly outside to see if it were not happening at that moment.

^  Events surrounding this prophecy.
^  More related prophecies.
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