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- June 19, 1993.  A dream received by Dumitru Duduman.
- Hand of Help, P. O. Box 571005, Dallas, TX 75357,  Phone (972) 613-9148.

I dreamed I was in a field with some baskets of cherries, and strawberries. I was supposed to go somewhere with them.

All of the angels began to sing with their trumpets. When they began to sing by mouth, the words to the song were: Again the trumpets began to sound. The angels of God, began traveling up and down the narrow strand of light while blowing their trumpets. One of the angels looked toward me and said, "Where is the rest of my family?" I asked. As I looked behind me, I saw not only my family, but many other people. Then I woke up.

^  Events surrounding this prophecy.
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