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- May 7, 1993.  A dream received by Dumitru Duduman.
- Hand of Help, P. O. Box 571005, Dallas, TX 75357,  Phone (972) 613-9148.

One night, while in Oregon, I dreamed

After some time, we heard the sound of an army approaching.  Soon, we saw them coming out of the black mist.  All were dressed in black, It looked as though all the Christians were huddled together in one big group. Lucifer continued to speak. Then Lucifer ordered his army, "Destroy those on the right!"  [1/4, 25%] Lucifer, then filled with rage, turned to those on the left.  [3/4, 75%] The angel answered: As we continued to look, we saw the sun coming over the horizon.  The black clouds began to break up.  Then they disappeared.  Only one was left - on which Lucifer and his army stood.  Lucifer looked at me shaking his fists and said, As I looked around I began to see faces that I recognized among our group.  I saw a pastor from Bellflower - another from Indiana - one from Michigan - as well as many of my American friends.  This strengthened me greatly.  Then I awoke.  The first thought that came to my mind as I awoke was that ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.

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