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~ The Words of a Concerned Prophet.  [ A Report Card on Churches and Church Leadership. ]
^  Events surrounding this prophecy.

- Probably written in the 1990's.  A letter written by an anonymous Prophet.

~ This letter could have been written by any born again Christian concerning churches he or she has attended.  The writer gently and lovingly, but clearly, gives numerous examples of what happens when Christians fail to obey God, and fail to listen to, and be led by, the Holy Sprit.

~ The Holy Spirit knows God's will for our lives, and how to direct our steps, if we will but listen to, and be led by, the Holy Spirit.

~ Reading this letter provides us with tremendous insight and understanding of what it means to be a true born again Christian, regardless of the obstacles we may face.
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[ Introduction  [ Confessing my sins, disobeying God ] ]
1.  The Pentecostal Church  [ Pastor's disobedience will snowball him into Hell ]
2.  The Judgment Confirmation  [ Pastor drops dead in the pulpit ]
3.  "They Don't Know Me…"  [ Calling the Holy Spirit as a Witness ]
4.  Testing The Spirits  [ Before you give him the ring ]
5.  The Famous Preacher  [ while apostate, fame grows;  repents, then excommunicated ]
6.  The True Prophet  [ Seek and Obey God for yourself ]
7.  One Preacher Obeys the Holy Ghost – For a While…  [ do it HIS way ]
8.  Another True Prophet  [ God IS the Anointing, and EVERY believer has Him ]
9.  An Old Prophet Remembers  [ in the old days, My Spirit would fill churches ]
10.  Scattering Abroad and Ichabod  [ pastors demand:  seek and obey the leadership ]
11.  Satanists in Leadership Roles  [ church of Satan gives them money for the pastor ]
12.  Ministers' Only Conferences [ an abomination:  separating as a group from the flock ]
[ 13.  Summing up the stories of apostate churches above ]
[ 14.  For men shall be despisers of those that are good ]
[ in the last days perilous times shall come ]
[ 15. Attempts to replace submission to the Holy Ghost with organized religion ]
[ 16.  whosoever KILLS You, will think that he doeth GOD a SERVICE ]
[ trust God to supply your needs, not the church.  come out of corrupt institutions ]
[ 17.  Do we have faith in God for finances, or complain until Satan is our only supplier ? ]
[ 18.  Summarizing what Christians face from church leadership ]
[ 19.  Visit to Heaven and a message from God of insight into the churches ]
[ God is holding My People responsible for America's destruction ]
[ 20.  Satan has set up a substitute "God."  [an idol]  Who or what is this idol ? ]
[ 21.  deadly satanic doctrine #1:  You must attend a local church ]
[ 22.  deadly satanic doctrine #2:  You must submit to church leadership to submit to God ]
[ 23.  deadly satanic doctrine #3:  You must pay tithes and offerings ]
[ 24.  As churches refuse to SUBMIT to the HOLY GHOST, My Spirit will leave them ]
[ 25.  Sound the Alarm:  Follow the Holy Ghost (and not after men). ]
[ The last days are upon us. ]
The Words of a Concerned Prophet
An Open Letter from an Anonymous Friend of Torah Teacher Ariel

Dear Pastor (Name withheld),

[ Introduction  [ Confessing my sins, disobeying God ] ]

Your newsletter was accompanied by a request for stories of apostate churches.  The sermon was about obeying God by receiving freedom from besetting (habitual) sins.  Yet many ministries have failed due to one particular besetting sin: they will not obey the Holy Ghost!!  (Luke 6:46Refusing to yield to the Holy Ghost is what causes apostasy.

Before I detail the abuse I suffered from church leaders, elders and members; I will confess my sin.

    A man in my workplace harassed me daily for years trying to get me fired.  He made crank phone calls to my home.  He lied about me turning acquaintances and co-workers against me.  I prayed God remove him from the job.  God told me, "Do not pray for vengeance; revenge is the Lord's."  (Romans 12:19, I Timothy 2:1-6, Matthew 5:44-46I did it anyway.  The man had a nervous breakdown, fought with his superiors, and was fired.
The Lord said, "Because you disobeyed My direct command, Satan now has an open door to your life.  (Romans 6:13-14, I Corinthians 5:1-5, John 5:14)  Adam let Satan loose in the world by disobeying God.  (Romans 5:14-19, Hebrews 2:14-15)  Whoever you yield your members to obey, he becomes your master (dominates you).  (Romans 6:16-18)  Sin snowballs.

"The day will come when you will deliberately disobey another command, thinking you can get away with it.  Satan will immediately attack!  When he does; don't blame God!!  Satan is the attacker, and you allowed his attack to succeed by being disobedient!

"I [the Lord] cannot protect you if you will not obey.  (Amos 3:3)

    "When Moses decided he would deliver the Israelites out of Egyptian bondage, he ended up in the flesh.  (Galatians 3:1-3, I Timothy 4:8)  He killed an Egyptian and spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness.  When I decided to use Moses and Moses submitted to My will, he did great miracles.  (Numbers 12:3)  Therefore, remember this:  Good and evil CANNOT agree!  (II Corinthians 6:14-18)

    "If you will do evil; I cannot protect you.  I would be putting my stamp of approval on evil.  So repent quickly, or suffer the consequences.  (Isaiah 1:10-20)

    "The principle here is simple:  I [the Lord] do miracles to empower you to do My will, NOT your own will.  (Isaiah 58:4-11)

"You have a blue book on your middle bookshelf.  I want you to read it every day for seven days."
    I found the book, How to Survive an Attack by Roberts Lairdon.  The very first line was, "Don't blame God."  Brother Lairdon listed many scriptures that reveal how disobedience to God gives Satan the power to attack us.

    On the seventh day God told me, "Don't go outside.I reasoned (Proverbs 3:5) there was no danger, [then I] slipped on the icy steps and broke my arm.  The Lord said, "I told you so.  Now obey Me."

Brother (Name withheld), this is why the churches are so powerless.  We will not obey God.  I have seen it in church after church after church.  The leaders will not obey God.  The elders will not obey God.  The members will not obey nor dare speak what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.  Only the prophets will, and the leadership responds by throwing them out.  (Acts 7:51-53)  These churches start out in the Spirit, but shipwreck in the flesh.  (Galatians 3:3)  Here are only a few stories.  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
1.  The Pentecostal Church  [ Pastor's disobedience will snowball him into Hell ]

This [particular Old-Holiness Pentecostal] church was very spiritual at first.  People were healed often, and words of prophecy by the leaders always came to pass.  (Mark 16:15-20)  Then the church began to build a new building.

    God commanded me to tell the pastor not to allow any crosses (crucifix symbols) in the church.  I asked, "Why are crosses bad?"  God said, "Crosses are not bad.  Whether or not the pastor has crucifixes in the church is irrelevant.  The point is:  Will the pastor seek God to find God's way, or just do things ASSUMING 'that's how we always did it in the past?'  (Matthew 7:21-27)  The pastor is off on HIS OWN WILL and has not once earnestly sought Me (GOD) for directions on how to build and run the church.  He will limit the flow of My Spirit if he does not repent.  Disobedience snowballs.

    "Eventually he'll continue to disobey, not even realizing it, until the church dries up and becomes a dead work.  He will end up totally out of God's will."

I wouldn't tell the pastor at first.  Why be labeled a trouble maker?  But God kept demanding I speak up.  I finally did to keep peace with God.  The pastor and his staff thought I was nuts and said so.

Several months later God spoke to me again,

    "It is My will (the same) pastor leave [the position of head pastor in] the church, promote his assistant pastor to head pastor and [have the pastor] go back to being general overseer."  I told the pastoral staff, and they angrily denounced me as a false prophet. "He can't do that!!"  they cried. "He was overseer once, and the church constitution FORBIDS anyone hold that position twice.  This certainly proves you are a false prophet!!"

    God spoke again, "The church board will convene a constitutional convention.  They will repeal that rule so the pastor can be general overseer again.  They will offer the position to him first.  It is My (God's) doing.  He will turn it down.  He will then be out of My will.  He will never really get back in My will for the rest of his life.  His disobedience will snowball and snowball.  He will get so far from Me, when he dies, HE'LL SPEND ETERNITY IN HELL!!"

Later, the pastor announced:  a) The general overbody had just held a constitutional convention.  b) They had unanimously repealed the rule limiting the overseer to one term.  They praised the pastor's excellent prior service in that office, and desperately wanted him back.  He was the first one offered the position.  d) The pastor announced he turned them down.

I watched as the church died spiritually.

    Even though it was an "Old-Holiness Pentecostal Church"  more and more the pastor put blatant homosexuals, adulterers and drug addicts in positions of authority.  Anyone who walked in the Spirit or had a Word from God was harshly treated and asked to leave.  The pastor praised and promoted the most wicked people purely on the basis of how much money they gave.  (Titus 1:11, I Peter 5:2-3, II Peter 2:12-15)  Almost every visiting minister (such as Jerry B. Walker, Ed Defresne and Lester Sumerall) prophesied the Lord had revealed this church's leadership was full of sex, money, alcohol and drug sin.  The pastor would rebuke them privately, but harshly.  He retaliated by accusing them of "being of the devil."  It was common for this pastor to offer visiting ministers money to come preach and later refuse to pay.
It would take pages for me to detail the abuse I suffered at this administrative staff's hands.  At one point two elders saw me on the highway and tried to force me off the road with their car.  I saw them laughing hysterically as they drove off.

The pastor in this story is VERY famous.  Ed Cole, Kenneth Copeland, Lester Sumerall and many famous preachers have attended his conferences and been his close friends.  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]

2.  The Judgment Confirmation  [ Pastor drops dead in the pulpit ]

God always confirms His Word.  Once God told me,

    "Many of these pastors are not living right.  Some will actually drop dead in the pulpit under God's judgment."
A few weeks later I attended a local church.  The pastor introduced the lead speaker, "And now, the famous Reverend…"  The man stood to his feet, brushed off his suit, took one step forward – and dropped dead!
    I prayed, "Lord, if You tell me to, I can raise him from the dead."
      I have personally raised two people from the dead – because GOD told me to – so I wasn't just whistling Dixie.
    God said, "NO!Don't you dare pray it.  You don't know the SIN in that man's life.  I gave him ample time to repent, and he would not.  Now he is standing before My Throne giving an account of his life before an ANGRY GOD.  You leave it alone!!"
The attending physician could not figure out why he was dead.  The doctor said, "The man should get up off the table and walk.  He is the most perfectly healthy dead man I have ever seen!"  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
3.  "They Don't Know Me…"  [ Calling the Holy Spirit as a Witness ]

I left the Pentecostal church.  Two elders (who were committing adultery – one was married) followed me to my new church.

    God told me to take it to the leadership.  (Matthew 18:15-17)  I told God if that was His Will, have the pastor preach in that very verse on Sunday.  The pastor did.  I told God, have him preach on it TWO SUNDAYS IN A ROW, and I'll do it.  The pastor did the second Sunday.
      So I went to the elders.  They brushed me off as a crackpot.
    God said, "Go back, but THIS TIME ask My Holy Spirit to be your Witness."  (John 5:30-32)
      But again they refused to talk to me.
    I asked, "How can you hear accusations against a brother, and not call for witnesses?  (I Timothy 5:19)

    I ask God's Holy Ghost to be my Witness!!  Have you even bothered to pray about it?  Have you sought God?  Would He lie to you?

      I request His Witness on this matter!!"  Immediately the Holy Ghost filled the room like a white cloud.  The leaders panicked.  They didn't have the tiniest clue what was going on.
You'd know this pastor if I mentioned his name, he is very famous.

I stormed out of the church, vowing never to go there again.  God said, "Why are you so angry?"

    "I have only known You [God] 18 months."  I replied, "But I know more than these leaders who claim to have known You for 30 years!  Why, they don't know you AT ALL!!"


"They had better learn to know Me, for Jesus said it is absolutely essential to escape Hell!!"
    Matthew 7:13-23 (Jesus speaking) "Enter ye in at the strait gate:  (Jesus said He is the gateJohn 10:9 – But the gate to what?  Being born again?  More than that, the entrance to fellowshipping with the FatherJohn 14:20-23) for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:  Matthew 7:14:  Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
Matthew 7:15:  Beware of false prophets, (religious people – not atheists) which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  16:  Ye shall know them by their fruits."
    Galatians 5:19-24 lists the good and evil fruits.

    Good [fruits]:  Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness,

            Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Temperance (self control).
    Evil [fruits]:  Adultery, Fornication, Uncleanness, Lasciviousness (no self control, addictive behavior),
         Idolatry, Witchcraft, Hatred, Variance (always taking sides against people),
         Emulations (obsession with worldly success),
         Wrath, Strife, Seditions (encouraging people to form rebellious groups),
         Heresies, Envyings, Murders, Drunkenness, and "such like."
[Matthew 7:16 continues]  "Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?  17:  Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.  18:  A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.  19:  Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, AND CAST INTO THE FIRE20:  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
    Matthew 7:21:  Not everyone that says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of My Father which is in Heaven.  22:  Many shall say to Me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, have not we prophesied in Thy Name?  and in Thy Name have cast out devils?  and in Thy Name done many wonderful works?'
      (Note:  Atheists don't do miracles in Jesus' Name, religious people do!
      These scriptures are warnings to CHRISTIANS!  Jesus is talking about us, not "them.")
      Depart from Him to go where?  Matthew 25:41 leaves no room for doubt:
    "Then shall He say also unto them on the left hand, 'Depart from you, you cursed, INTO EVERLASTING FIRE [ Hell ], PREPARED FOR THE DEVIL AND HIS ANGELS:'"  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
4.  Testing The Spirits  [ Before you give him the ring ]

At one service, the speaker knew things about people supernaturally.  He demanded their money, telling them exactly how much they carried.  People eagerly ran to the stage to obey.  He had never met me before but described my class ring, even the graduation date and school name.  He said God commanded I give him the ring.

    God said, "Don't do it."
Immediately the man said, "The person with the ring thinks God is telling him not to give it, but that is an evil spirit!  Don't grieve the Spirit of God!"
    God said, "Don't give him the ring!!"  I kept my ring.
Later, I prayed and God told me, "Exhortation, edification and comfort."  (I Corinthians 14:3)
    "But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort.  He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the church."  (I Corinthians 14:3-4)
God told me,
    "'Exhortation' means to cause men to draw nigh to God, to bring conviction.
    'Edification' means to strengthen, build up, heal or empower.
    'Comfort' is self-explanatory (To bring relief, healing, peace).
      Did that man say ANYTHING that brought conviction towards God, encouragement, or peace?  Did he tell you ANYTHING about what belongs to you in Christ Jesus, who you are in Christ Jesus, or what you have in Christ Jesus?  Did he talk about Jesus AT ALL?"  (John 16:13-14)
    I said, "No, all he ever said was, 'Give me money!'"
      God replied, "Then YOU tell ME if what he preached was of God or not!"
    I said, "Based on the Bible, which Jesus said cannot fail, (Matthew 5:18)  that he did not."
Sadly, that church thought he was the most spiritual person they had ever heard.  They had not learned to test the spirits.  (I John 4:1-3 ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
5.  The Famous Preacher  [ while apostate, fame grows;  repents, then excommunicated ]

Several people attempted to proselytize me as a disciple of a famous preacher.  God told me not have anything to do with his ministry, because he was not living right.  God told me, "Do not tell ANYONE what I have said.  NO ONE will believe you, and you will be harassed by the church like never before."

One lady was seriously determined to make me this man's disciple.

    I shot my big mouth off proclaiming this man was not living right.  For a whole year I could not attend church, any church, any denomination.

    Even if I attended a strange church in another town, total strangers would come up to me shouting, "I heard what you said about Reverend… YOU'RE A FALSE PROPHET!!  He's a man of God if ever there was one!!"  The leaders would ask if I really thought the famous preacher was apostate.  When I affirmed what God had told me, they'd ask me to leave.

The national media exposed the famous preacher a year later.  God told me, "Crocodile tears – he will fake repentance for a season."  He did.  The church embraced him.  Months later God told me, "TONIGHT Reverend… has GENUINELY repented.  Be VERY careful from this day forth what you say about him for his name has been re-written in the Lamb's Book of Life.  He is MINE now."  The VERY NEXT DAY his church excommunicated him.
    When he played games and lived a lie, the church embraced him.  When he genuinely repented, they threw him out.  They lusted after his fame, but they did not want him if he really had the Spirit of the Living God.



6.  The True Prophet  [ Seek and Obey God for yourself ]

God spoke concerning the assistant pastor in one church, "Whatever this man tells you to do, DO IT!!"

    I told the assistant pastor, "I must do whatever you say, for God Himself spoke to me, saying, 'Whatever this man tells you to do, DO IT!!'"  The assistant pastor said, "Why are you bothering me:  seek God."
A second time, God repeated His command, "Go back and tell him, I, GOD, told you, 'Whatever this man tells you to do, DO IT!!'"
    Again the man replied, "WHY are you BOTHERING me?  SEEK GOD FOR YOURSELF!!"
A third time, God repeated His demand, "I told you, 'Whatsoever this man tells you to do, DO IT!!'"
    So I told the man, "I must obey you, for GOD HIMSELF said, 'Whatsoever this man tells you to do, DO IT!!'"  He replied, "Why aren't you listening?  Leave me alone, SEEK AND OBEY GOD for yourself!!"

    So I told the Lord, "Three times I have sought to obey this man, but three times he has told me, 'Leave me alone, seek and obey God for yourself.'"

God replied, "Then WHY aren't you DOING IT?  This man is a TRUE PROPHET, for he has told you repeatedly, 'Seek God for yourself.' Yet you have continually sought him to be your leader and your guide.  But he guided you back to Me, the Living God.

"Truly I say to you, ANYONE who teaches people to seek after prophets, churches, religious movements, MEN, is a FALSE PROPHET.  Each and every child of God is to know Me for themselves.  Only THE HOLY GHOST is to be your master and guide.



"Ministers become obsessed with fulfilling My Plan.  But they can't!!  Only GOD can fulfill God's Plan.  But they become obsessed with fulfilling My Plan anyway.

"The Apostle Paul made several mistakes in his life because shouldered the responsibility of trying to make My Plan come to pass, as did Moses.  (I Peter 5:7)

    Paul was determined to bring salvation to the Jews when I told him not to.  (Acts 22:17-21)

    You cannot fulfill God's plan.  Jesus has done it all, and ALL I require is that you SUBMIT to Him by submitting to the HOLY GHOST.  (John 16:13-15, I John 2:27)

    THEN everything else will work out.  But if you take it on yourself to save the world (My Plan) you WILL fail.  You cannot do it.  Jesus already has.  (John 17:4, John 19:30, Ephesians 1:4, Hebrews 4:3)

    All I ask is that you submit to the Holy Ghost and let ME work it all out THROUGH YOU.  So obey; whatever THE HOLY GHOST tells you, DO IT.  Let GOD be responsible for whether or not it bears fruit.  (I Corinthians 3:6)."

This has been the central focus of my conflict with religion.  They want me to obey man, and men want to obey the leaders.  God told me to do neither, but to obey THE HOLY GHOST.  The church will NEVER see the miracles the Apostles did unless we start to obey the Holy Ghost.  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
7.  One Preacher Obeys the Holy Ghost – For a While…  [ do it HIS way ]

I went to [a] small rural church.  Attendance was zero.  God told me attend church on Saturdays and spend all day in prayer.  For several weeks we did.  A few people began to show up.  Several got saved.

    Some said they were just walking by the church and suddenly, they KNEW they were going to Hell, and desperately needed to get saved.  One Saturday, a homosexual man came in the church BEGGING us to show him how to get saved.  He was gripped with a horrible revelation he was hell-bound.

    The pastor worried excessively about money.  God told me that He would work it out IF WE FOLLOWED GOD'S PLAN.  An elderly man came to the church declaring, "I haven't seen the Spirit of God move so in the church since 1947!"  The elderly man revealed he would throw all his financial support behind the pastor.  We didn't think much of it – until he revealed he was one of the wealthiest men in the world.  He owned an international construction agency worth BILLIONS (NOT MILLIONS).

God WILL provide – IF we do it HIS way!!  The gay man that got saved turned out to be the wealthy man's grandson!!  They had had no contact in TEN YEARS!!  Neither knew if the other was alive or dead!!  God WILL do miracles IF we do it HIS way!!
    [Vision # 1]  Then I had a vision.  I saw the pastor ministering all over the world.  I saw him as an international figure, bringing millions to Christ.

    [Vision # 2]  Then I saw him being petty, irrational and concerned with glory.  I saw him resisting the Holy Ghost, arguing irrationally about petty doctrine, exalting himself and throwing out anointed people for he had a spirit of jealousy.  I saw his church die out.

God told me, "Vision # 1 is My Will for his life.  Vision # 2 is what will actually happen."  Vision # 2 actually happened.  The pastor's first move was to ban prayer meetings.  His church slowly died.  Attendance fell back to zero.  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
8.  Another True Prophet  [ God IS the Anointing, and EVERY believer has Him ]

I once prayed to visit Kenneth E. Hagin's church.  God said, "No."  I prayed Kenneth E. Hagin [would] come visit my area.  God said, "No."  I argued with the Lord.  Finally He said, "A few miles past BWI on Route 410 there is a school.  In March of next year you can see Brother Hagin there.  But I'd prefer you not go."

March came and Brother Hagin indeed held services there.

I disobeyed God and went.  I still did not understand I had to seek God and not men.  I thought, "Brother Hagin is supposed to be SO ANOINTED!!  Wow!!  I want to see that."

    At the meeting, the Holy Ghost came upon Brother Hagin and moved across the crowd like a white cloud.
      Suddenly Jesus stood next to me.  [ For where two or three are gathered together in my [Jesus'] name, there am I [Jesus] in the midst of them.  (Mat 18:20) ]
    I was severely disappointed.  He [Jesus] laughed, "What's with you?"
      I replied, "I thought Brother Hagin had this great anointing.  Why, it's just You [Jesus]!  I see this praying privately in my own bedroom!"  Jesus laughed like that was the funniest thing He ever heard.
    [ Jesus speaking:]  "That's the whole point:  I AM THE ANOINTING!  You had ME all along; EVERY BELIEVER DOES!!  You don't have to seek after famous preachers to get it."
The next night, Brother Hagin announced, "I had a whole sermon worked up, but last night God told me to put it aside and preach on something else.  So the title of my NEW sermon is, 'God IS the Anointing, and EVERY believer has Him.'"  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
9.  An Old Prophet Remembers  [ in the old days, My Spirit would fill churches ]

So I kept Holy Ghost prayer meetings in my own home.  God gave me lists of people to invite.  Very rarely did anyone attend.  The Spirit of God would fill the place like a white cloud.  People repeatedly saw my apartment and the floor below filled with white smoke.  They'd ask if I was smoking, burning food or incense.  But no one would attend.

    God told me, "Because you are not someone famous, they are not interested.  Too bad they don't want Jesus Christ as much as they want famous preachers.  For it is My Spirit they SHOULD be seeking, and not men.
"Listen, in the old days -- the 1940's and before -- My Spirit would fill churches like this.  The old folk know.  Your parents have heard stories.  Your generation knows nothing of it at all.  People would get physically healed just walking by the church.  People would come under such conviction the hardest sinners would RUN into the church PLEADING for God to save them.  If you don't believe Me, ask the old folk."
    One woman I know has known God since the 1930's, so I asked her.  She said, "It's all true.  When I was a little girl, we'd all just wait upon the Lord.  The white cloud would fill the whole church and spill into the street.  You would get healed just sitting in the pew.  People would rush into the church crying out to God, 'Oh, God, I am going to Hell!  PLEASE save me!' Not just once in a while, but every Sunday.  See, folk FEARED AND OBEYED God back then.  You young folks know nothing about it."
Brother (Name withheld), MANY the time I have been in church and sensed the Holy Ghost wanted us to sit still and know He is God.  (Psalms 46:10)  But the pastor would always get nervous and direct attention to himself.
    God told me, "What's wrong with you Americans?  You think you ALWAYS have to be DOING something.  Why can't you just be still and know I am God?  Being still forces you to quiet your mind, quiet your flesh, and FOCUS on the still small voice (I Kings 19:12) that is the Spirit of God.  You will keep yourself out of all kinds of trouble if you would only LEARN to listen to My Spirit.  Churches would revive and see miracles and great deliverance if they would ONLY just learn to listen to, wait on and OBEY My Spirit, sayeth the Lord.

    "But they are too hung up on programs, schedules and plans.  They are too hung up on their own plans to follow MY plans.  You will NEVER see the miracles and deliverance you seek UNTIL you submit to MY plans, purposes and goals.

"Now go to the bookstore on Route 410 by NH Avenue and look in the very back bottom shelf on the East side.  There is a book there you need to read."
    I did, and I found a book by Kenneth E. Hagin entitled:  Plans, Purposes, and Pursuits.  Brother Hagin detailed scripture after scripture that revealed God will ONLY do miracles to empower you to do HIS will, NOT your own will.  So we'd better seek HIS will, and not our own.
This is the problem in America today.  The leaders WILL NOT take the time to find GOD'S WILL for their lives, churches, and programs.  They do it all in the flesh, and it produces corruption.  (Galatians 6:7-8 ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
10.  Scattering Abroad and Ichabod  [ pastors demand:  seek and obey the leadership ]

I attended a church that met in an old theatre.  The Spirit of God moved powerfully at first.  The Lord would give me the pastor's sermon on Wednesday night.  If I missed church, I'd ask, "What did the pastor say?"  People would say, "Oh, the same thing you have been saying all week."

God revealed the leadership was slowly drifting into their own will, ignoring Him.

    I had a vision the church was the Titanic.  I was running around screaming, "We need to change course!"  Everyone had on their Sunday finest, sound asleep.  If I managed to wake someone up, they responded by cursing and attacking me, and going back to sleep.  Eventually, some woke up just as we hit the iceberg.  God showed me it was too little, too late.  The majority never woke up and went down with the ship.
More and more the pastors demanded people seek the leadership for everything.  If you got married, and the pastors did not approve the marriage, you were excommunicated.  If you bought a house, and the pastors did not approve the buy, you were excommunicated.
    They preached from the pulpit, "You have to obey leadership.  If God Himself tells you to do something, but the leadership says otherwise, you have to obey leadership.  It is God's plan church leadership have more authority even than the Holy Ghost."
God told me 66% of the marriages the pastors approved were DIRECTLY AGAINST GOD'S WILL.

Occasionally, God had me speak a Word to someone.  They usually responded by ranting that was against everything the church taught.  Soon I was told by the assistant pastor, "I know who you are.  You are not going to cause trouble in this church."  God told me to continue attending.  Every sermon, the pastors talked about something God had led me to say or do.  They continually held me up as an example [of] "Satanism."

    One service, God told me, "Go into the mens' room and stay there until I say so."  God revealed the assistant pastor was on full rant, "prophesying" all the "evil" I "caused" and threatened to call me by name if I didn't leave.  Everything God told me the assistant pastor said friends later confirmed word for word.  When God had me return to the main sanctuary the "prophecy" was just ending.  Every eye turned toward me.  Everyone realized God isn't stupid enough to prophesy at length to someone who isn't there!!
The assistant pastor had a car accident.  God told me it was because he kept harassing me for trying to obey God.
    One day, as the pastor was preaching, I saw Jesus appear next to her on stage.  [ For where two or three are gathered together in my [Jesus'] name, there am I [Jesus] in the midst of them.  (Mat 18:20) ]  He [Jesus] reached for the microphone.  She ran to the other end of the stage.  Jesus followed her and asked for the microphone.  She ran to other end of the stage.  He followed her, but she just kept ignoring Him and running away.  Then Jesus stepped down from the stage, walked up the aisle and out of the church.  I got up immediately and followed.
Others later testified at the exact moment I got up to leave, they felt a wind blow, and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the Holy Ghost had left.  Many never went back.  That night I had a vision of the leaders throwing me out.

Then they threw Jesus out.  He got up, dusted Himself off, and went up the street.  I followed Him.  He called that church "Scattering Abroad" (Matthew 12:30) and said they had surrendered to the devil and the flesh.  I saw an angel nail a sign over their door: "Ichabod".  Jesus said it meant:  "The Spirit of the Lord has departed."  (I Samuel 4:21)  "What could I do?,"  Jesus asked. "They just wouldn't submit to My Spirit.  I didn't abandon them, they abandoned Me. 'Scattering Abroad' will become a dancing devil pit.  I will split the church six ways.  They will never fulfill My Will.  Your service there has ended.  Do not go back."

Three years later I met a woman who had recently attended "Scattering Abroad."  Not revealing I once attended, I asked what she thought. "All they cared about was dancing.  Dancing every service, dancing in the aisles, dancing during the preaching.  The pastor would dance as she preached.  But you could just FEEL the power of Satan in that place.  I beat it out of there in a hurry!!  You couldn't pay me enough to go back."  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]

11.  Satanists in Leadership Roles  [ church of Satan gives them money for the pastor ]

I attended an inner city church.  God revealed the assistant pastor and a woman on the control board attended the church of Satan.  I asked if I should tell the pastor.  God replied, "The pastor already knows.  The church of Satan gives them money every week for the pastor.  The pastor pretends she doesn't know, so determined is she to get the money.  To prove it, I will cause the woman on the control board to confess and repent before the whole church."  Three weeks later, the Spirit of God fell on the church in a powerful way.  This woman wept and confessed her involvement in witchcraft before everyone.

The pastor, seeing her finances cut off, began to harass me.  The other witch [the assistant pastor] kept trying to give me "prayer clothes".  God said, "Don't accept them nor take off your coat during services.  Keep all personal articles in your sight.  They'll steal your personal possessions to conduct witchcraft."

    One day, the witch appeared as a spirit being and began to choke me.  God rose up and allowed me to live without oxygen.  So I ignored her.  She grew ever more embarrassed as the clock ticked off over 35 minutes and I didn't die or pass out.  Frustrated, she left.  The Spirit of God left that church.
Later I attended a multi-church conference.  This church showed up.  They disrupted the service with wild shouting and stomping on the floor.

I could actually feel the presence of evil spirits around them.  Yet NO ONE rebuked them.  The other ministers applauded her church's enthusiasm ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]

12.  Ministers' Only Conferences [ an abomination:  separating as a group from the flock ]

I met a woman studying to be a minister.  She attended a "Ministers' Only Conference."  God said, "Ministers do have special issues to deal with.

    "But it is an abomination for ministers to separate themselves as a group from the flock.  Everyone needs to seek time alone with God; but not as a separate class or group.  God will not give any general Word to ministers He won't give the laity."  (II Peter 1:20.)
She agreed I had heard God.  She told me the "Ministers' Only Conference" was one big drunken orgy complete with illegal drugs and booze.  Several male ministers repeatedly pressed her for sex.  The main topic of conversation was how stupid the flock was to give away all their money.  One minister bragged he conned a woman into giving him her 300 year old pearl necklace.  Another boasted he conned an elderly woman out of her 250 year old ruby ring.  Both laughed that people could be so stupid.  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
[ 13.  Summing up the stories of apostate churches above ]

Brother (Name withheld), the church in America is playing God in peoples' lives.  These stories are the NORM, NOT THE EXCEPTION!!  This is the Spirit of Antichrist.  God told me the ministers of America have committed a "conspiracy of silence" against the Lord's Flock.  Read Ezekiel Chapter 34.  They continually press people to attend church, pay tithes, submit to leadership, YET REFUSE TO HOLD THE LEADERS ACCOUNTABLE!!  Many ministers put NO effort into living a godly life.  Jesus said, "The scribes (teachers of the Mosaic Law) and the Pharisees (preachers) sit in Moses' seat:  all therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; BUT DO NOT YE AFTER THEIR WORKS:  FOR THEY SAY, AND DO NOT."  (Matthew 23:2-4True Christians (and ministers) DO God's Word, not just teach it.  (James 1:22)  Any minister who won't DO the Word is Antichrist.


  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]

[ 14.  For men shall be despisers of those that are good ]
[ in the last days perilous times shall come ]

By continually pressuring people to substitute organized religion in the place of GOD'S Plan of submitting to the Holy Spirit, these worldly ministers are sending God's beloved children into the jaws of Hell itself.  Ministers do this to gain the church's financial, political and social resources.  They think they need these resources to gain success.

But they bought Satan's lie and have traded the power of God, THE HOLY GHOST, for money and social status.

Act 10:38: "How God Anointed Jesus Christ with THE HOLY GHOST AND WITH POWER, Who went about doing good, healing all that were oppressed of the devil."  (No mention of joining a [synagogue or] church.II Timothy 3:1-7: "1:  This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.  2:  For MEN shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, (jealous of others' material wealth) boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

3Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent (no self-control – self-control being a Fruit of the Spirit) fierce, DESPISERS OF THOSE THAT ARE GOOD, 4:  Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5:  Having a FORM OF GODLINESS (WHOA – HE'S TALKING ABOUT CHRISTIANS!!  ATHEISTS DON'T PRETEND TO BE GODLY!!  THEY BOAST IN THEIR REJECTION OF ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY GODLY!!)  BUT DENYING THE POWER (HOLY GHOST) THEREOF:  FROM SUCH TURN AWAY6:  For this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, 7Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth. ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]

[ 15. Attempts to replace submission to the Holy Ghost with organized religion ]

All you need is God, and God alone.  PERIOD.  Which of the prophets submitted to organized religion?

    Nicodemus (a Pharisee) came to Jesus at night because "the Jews (religious leaders) had agreed already, that if any man did confess that He (Jesus) was Christ (had the Spirit of God upon Him) he should be put out of the synagogue."  (John 9:22)
If any man confessed Jesus had the Holy Ghost ("Christ" means "anointed one") he'd be thrown out of church.  The church sought to claim they alone had the Spirit of God, they alone could access God, they alone were doing God's will.  This gave them tremendous power over the people.

The claim is you aren't "right with God" unless you get behind their program!  The REAL Holy Ghost was seen as competition!  Even Pontius Pilate understood that!  (Matthew 27:17-18)  Even Jesus' own disciples were guilty!

    "And John answered Him (Jesus), saying, 'Master, we saw one casting out devils in Thy Name, AND HE FOLLOWETH NOT US [he was not one of us]:  and we FORBAD HIM [told him to stop], because he followeth not us.'  Note:  John, seeking to justify his attempt to replace submission to the Holy Ghost with religion, TWICE summed up his ONLY reason: "He follows not us."  (Mark 9:38)
      Did Jesus go along with this?  NO!
    "But Jesus said, 'Forbid him NOT [do not stop him]:  for there is NO MAN (not even the janitor in the church, that neighbor you hate, nor people in that denomination you despise…) which shall do a miracle in My Name, that can [in the next moment] lightly speak [say anything] evil of Me.'"  (Mark 9:39 ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
[ 16.  whosoever KILLS You, will think that he doeth GOD a SERVICE ]
[ trust God to supply your needs, not the church.  come out of corrupt institutions ]

Jesus went further and described religious people as murders of God's children.

(Jesus speaking)  "Ye have not chosen Me [Jesus], but I [Jesus] have chosen you, and ordained you,  (John 15:16-25)

    ( If Jesus ordains you, you ARE ordained, whether the church recognizes it or not )
that ye should go and bring forth fruit,
    ( Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Temperance – NOT BUILD RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS )
and that your fruit should remain:  THAT whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father (trust God to supply your needs, not the church) in My Name, He may give it [to] you.

"These things I [Jesus] command you, that ye love one another.  (John 15:17)

"If the World hate you, ye know that it hated Me [Jesus] before it hated you.  (John 15:18)
If ye were of the world, the world would love his own:  but because ye are not of the world, but I (Jesus, not the church) have chosen you OUT OF THE WORLD, therefore the world hateth you.  (John 15:19)

"Remember the Word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his Lord.  If they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you; IF they have kept My Saying, they will keep yours also.  (John 15:20)
But all these things will they do unto you for My Name's sake, because they KNOW NOT HIM THAT SENT ME.  (John 15:21)

"If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had [would not be guilty of] sin:  (These are people who have met Jesus…like Christians) but now they have no cloak for their sin.  (John 15:22)

"He that hateth Me hateth My Father also.  (John 15:23)
If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, (These are people who had seen miracles – like Christians) they had not had [would not be guilty of] sin:  but now they have both SEEN [these miracles] and [yet they have] hated both Me and My Father.  (John 15:24)  (How did they see the Father?  By seeing the Holy Ghost work through Jesus.  But they accused the Holy Ghost of being evil – they hated Him!  But Jesus said the work of the Holy Ghost, which is to destroy Satan's work -- Act 10:38 -- proves a person is walking in the authority of God!  Luke 11:14-23)

"But this cometh to pass, that the Word might be fulfilled that is written in their Law, 'They hated Me without a cause [reason].'"  (John 15:25)

    (What is God's solution to this dilemma?  How does Jesus expect us to escape these backsliders' deceptions and attacks?  Why, HE GAVE US THE HOLY GHOST!I John 4:1-6 tells us plainly KNOWING GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT is how we defeat people motivated by the spirit of Antichrist. — religion — and error.  Simply put, the spirit of religionSatan – and the Holy Ghost are eternally hostile to one another.  Like similar charged ends on a magnet, they eternally resist one another, eternally seek each other's destruction.)
"But when THE COMFORTER is come, Whom I will send unto you from the Father, even The Spirit of TRUTH, which proceedeth from the Father, He shall TESTIFY OF ME (Jesus):  (John 15:26)
And you shall also bear Witness, (bear in yourself the Holy Ghost, Who is the Witness) because you have been with Me from the beginning.  (John 15:27)

"These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended.  (John 16:1)  ("offended" in Greek = cave in under pressure, surrender, give up, be crushed, be defeated)

    "They shall put you out of the synagogues:  (who runs synagogues, or CHURCHES?  CHURCH LEADERS, THAT'S WHO!!) yea, the time cometh, that whosoever [anyone who] KILLS YOU WILL THINK THAT HE DOETH GOD [A] SERVICE.  (John 16:2)
"And these things will they do unto you, BECAUSE they have NOT KNOWN THE FATHER, NOR ME."  (John 16:3)  Note:  unbelievers don't believe God exists.  Who, then, will think they are doing God's Work by killing God's People?  John 16:2:  the rulers of the synagogues, RELIGIOUS LEADERS!!

God is screaming at the top of His lungs,

    "Put the Holy Ghost first and come out of the corrupt institutions!
    Otherwise, you will partake of her judgment."
I told God to show me a church in my area that was serving Him.
    God told me, "THERE AREN'T ANY!!"

    It's the same everywhere you go – the pastors have sold out to the pleasures of the flesh, MONEY, and the addictive abuses of power and authority.

"The overwhelming majority, though they are so sure of their own salvation, are going to wake up in Hell.  (I Corinthians 10:1-12So deceived are they, they will not be able to understand why they are in the lake of fire, but in the lake of fire they WILL be."  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
[ 17.  Do we have faith in God for finances, or complain until Satan is our only supplier ? ]

"More ministers have gone to Hell selling out over money than any other single issue.  So persuaded are they that I, God, will not help them (but I will [help them] IF they would only OBEY) they have turned to MONEY to deliver them.  I, God, (NOT SATAN) but I, GOD, will do a great work in these last days.  I, GOD, (not Satan) will cut off the preachers' finances.  The more they harass and beg people for money, the more I, GOD WILL (not might, WILL) cut off their finances.  The more they shut their mouths about money and trust quietly in Me, the more I will make sure they always have more than enough."

    My brother lives with me.  He couldn't find a job.  I nagged him endlessly about paying his bills.  God told me I had fallen into this trap, so stop nagging and have faith GOD takes care of it.  So I shut up and believed God.  Three months later my brother got a job at double the pay of any job he's ever had.  God doesn't lie!!
At the last church I attended
    God impressed me to tithe.  The first service I attended the pastor complained bitterly about people who won't tithe.  God said, "Well, NOW I CAN'T tell you to tithe, because I told you I'd dry up the finances of all preachers that pressure people to pay."

    God then said, "Help out around the church by doing manual work."  But even as He spoke, the pastor began to complain people won't help around the church.  God said, "Well, NOW I can't tell you to help out.  Just forget the whole thing.  The pastor has shut himself off from My blessings."

    Six months later I saw that pastor.  He was still struggling financially and had no help in his church.  A pastor must meet God's conditions to receive help and finances.

This is a spiritual law few pastors realize.
    The Israelites' constant complaining in the wilderness led God to say, "You will not enter into My rest."  [ Psa 95:11 ]  The book of Hebrews declares we should fear earnestly lest we fall after the same example.  (Hebrews 3:7-19, 4:1)

    As God cuts off finances to judge complaining, pastors beat the sheep more viciously, and the cycle continues until the church is bankrupt.  The sheep flee the beatings, and end up wandering from church to church trying to find sanctuary from the money-mad preacher.  The preachers respond by verbally attacking sheep that go from church to church.  So they stop attending completely.

The last synagogue I attended, the rabbi believed no Christian who has attended more than five churches in his or her life REALLY knows Christ.
    God told me, "You are a FOOL if you don't leave a dead work.  My sheep go from church to church because they are looking for Me!!  But they can't find Me…and it's the leaders' fault."

    He told me He was going to remove the Tree of Life from that synagogue if the leaders did not repent.  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]

[ 18.  Summarizing what Christians face from church leadership ]

Brother (Name withheld), there are millions of people out there that have been raped, robbed, crushed and spit out by the church.  And all the leaders do is go on and on about the needs of the leadership. "Stop thinking of yourself and serve the leadership more!"  they demand.

They tell hurting, dying people, "Tough, I don't care.  The burden the last preacher made you carry with your whole back, I'll make you carry with your little finger!!"

    America is FILLED with Christians who will just walk away from you if you even mention church, leadership or tithes.

    Jesus told Peter if you really love Me, you will feed My sheep, NOT BEAT THEM!!  (John 21:16)

      ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]

[ 19.  Visit to Heaven and a message from God of insight into the churches ]
[ God is holding My People responsible for America's destruction ]

Does the Bible encourage us to defend the perpetrators of injustice?

Jesus appeared to me one day and said, "Come with Me.  I want to show you something."

    I was in Heaven.  I was enveloped in white clouds.  Jesus was holding my left hand.  We approached a white marble throne.  It was the Father.  I could look at Him, see His form, but never His Face.  (Exodus 33:20)  His Face was like a glaring searchlight.  All I saw was blinding light.  The floor felt like cool marble.  It looked like glass, with flames underneath.  (Revelations 15:2)
The Father told me, "I brought you here to impress you very thoroughly that this is the Word of God.  Search the scriptures and see if it is not so.  (Act 17:11, Luke 16:17)
    "The church has become a ravenous beast, whose mouth is the stairway to Hell.  With iron teeth and claws of brass they crush my people.  They complain bitterly about abortion, but their gates are filled with dead and dying Christians who they have murdered in My Name.  (Matthew 23:27, John 15:6)  Like insane rabid dogs, and killer bees, they will swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest mountain to strip you of My Anointing and make you twice the child of Hell they are themselves.  (Matthew 23:14-33)  They drag peoples' souls to Hell.  They will never, ever leave you alone until the day you leave this life.  (John 16:33)  They will stop at NOTHING to convert you to their evil ways or destroy you.  But I will be with you.  (Isaiah 41:10 ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]

    "They will not prevail.  Like Jeremiah crying to a nation that would not listen,

      so will you see America go down to it's destruction.  You will be a voice crying in the wilderness.  The church will be blamed at My [God's] throne for America's demise.  For if MY people which are called by My Name, will humble themselves, seek My Face and pray, THEN I will hear their prayer, and heal their land.  (II Chronicles 7:14)

      [ God is placing the blame for America's demise on the church, because My [God's] people in the church [ the congregation ] have, so far, failed to humble themselves, seek My [God's] Face and pray.  When God's people do repent and "humble themselves, and pray, and seek my [God's] face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I [God] hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."  (II Chronicles 7:14)  [ also see repented ] ]  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]

[ 20.  Satan has set up a substitute "God."  [an idol]  Who or what is this idol ? ]

[The Father [God] told me,]  "Listen, there are three deadly satanic doctrines that have infiltrated the church.  Satan has twisted the commandments of God to force My people to serve Satan.

"This is HOW:  Satan has set up a substitute 'God.'  [an idol]  (Exodus 20:4, II Corinthians 11:13-15)  Very few can tell the difference.  You wouldn't even be able to tell the difference except that I am revealing it to you.  (Revelations 13:1-10)

    "ONLY BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD CAN YOU DISCERN THIS.  Everyone without discernment WILL be fooled.  (I John 4:1)
"The idol is THE CHURCH AND HER LEADERSHIP!!  Satan has brainwashed My people, with the church leaderships' complicity, to believe three lies:  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
[ 21.  deadly satanic doctrine #1:  You must attend a local church ]

["Satanic Lie #] 1)  You must attend a local church.  There is no scripture to back this up.  It is ANTI-SCRIPTURE.  The Bible commands fellowshipping with the TRUE brethren.  (Hebrews 10:24-25)

    "Just having a building and calling yourself a church does NOT make you the true brethren.  The TRUE brethren HEAR MY FATHER'S VOICE (THE HOLY GHOST) AND OBEY HIM!!  (Matthew 12:48-50)
"If an apostate church casts out an obedient prophet, THE CHURCH has committed the sin of refusing to fellowship with the brethren.  They have excluded themselves from the obedient, thus true brethren, the person of the prophet.  (Matthew 23:34, Matthew 21:33-44, Matthew 10:40-42)
    (Is this a surprise when scripture plainly states the majority is wrong? – "Few be those that find (Jesus) the strait gate" – Matthew 7:14)
"A building and a license to preach doesn't make you the brethren anymore than jumping in water makes you a fish.  There is ONLY ONE WAY TO QUALIFY:  You MUST hear my Father's Voice (The Holy Ghost) and OBEY HIM.  Note:  Many hear, but FEW OBEY, hearing is NOT enough!!
    "How can you tell if a person is obedient?  By his fruit you shall know him.  (Matthew 7:17-21)  If he doesn't have love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance, he IS NOT obedient.  (Galatians 5:22)  Period.  If YOU are walking in the Spirit, and he is walking in the Spirit – submitting to God – you WILL have agreement and harmony.  (I John 1:7)  Period.

    "An obedient one and a disobedient one will NEVER have harmony.  (II Corinthians 6:14-15)  The two will ALWAYS have discord and friction.  (Romans 16:17-18, Galatians 5:15-17)  Period.

"In the Old Testament [under the Old Covenant], God dwelt in the Temple, a BUILDING made by man.  (II Chronicles 5:13-14)

"In the New Testament [under the New Covenant, beginning with Jesus' resurrection], God dwells IN HIS PEOPLE.  (I Corinthians 6:19)  God is with every believer everywhere you go.  (Acts 2:17-21)

    "You don't have to go to a church building or belong to a denomination to find God.  If you are BORN AGAIN, and you want to pray to God, pray at your belly button, for that is where I live.  Jesus' death [and resurrection] freed Me [God] from dwelling in buildings, I [God] now dwell IN PEOPLE.  (Matthew 27:50-51)

    "Satan passes off the church denomination and building as the dwelling place of God, but I [God] have left the Temple of man and now dwell in the hearts of BORN AGAIN PEOPLE!!  No where else on Earth do I dwell.  PERIOD!!

"Satan uses the building as "the church" because anyone (including the apostate) can have a building.
    "If having a building made you the true brethren, Satan would spread the doctrine to never, ever go in a building.  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
[ 22.  deadly satanic doctrine #2:  You must submit to church leadership to submit to God ]

"Satanic Lie # 2)  You must submit to church leadership to submit to God.

"However, there is no scripture supporting putting your trust and obedience in church leadership, either.  (Ephesians 1:20-23, John 3:30)
    "Jesus plainly said and He did NOT lie, the HOLY GHOST would lead you and guide you into ALL truth.  (John 16:13, I John 2:27)

    "Paul says to obey God and not man.  (Acts 5:29Church leaders are MEN.

    "John says the purpose of ALL men (including LEADERS - are they not men?) is to encourage all men (born again or not) to FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD!!  (I John 1:3)  To get to KNOW Him.  To learn to walk in, hear, and OBEY God's Holy Spirit.  (I John 2:27)

    "(Jeremiah says everyone knowing God for themselves IS the New Covenant.  No one will have to command others in that day saying, "Know ye the Lord", because everyone willJeremiah 31:33-34)

    "John states to deny "Jesus has come in the flesh" is Antichrist.  Aren't you flesh?  Born again Believers ARE the flesh or body of Christ.  (Ephesians 1:22-23Antichrist in the Greek is "alteros christos" (I looked it up later -- God was right) which means an artificial, substitute, counterfeit, or false god.

"Every believer has a leading by the Holy Ghost, which is IN you.  To deny a Christian can be lead of God all by themselves is to deny Christ dwells in their flesh.  (I Corinthians 12:12-27)
    "Christ means 'Anointed One.'  Anointed with what?  The Holy Ghost!!  (Acts 10:38).  So He, Jesus, who does all things by the Holy Ghost lives in you.  (John 14:23, I Corinthians 6:19)  He can guide and lead you Himself, after all, doesn't JESUS have the Almighty Holy Ghost?  Of course He does!!  How then can Jesus not guide you and lead you?
"But this IS what the "pretending to be God," or "playing God" (Antichrist) leaders want you to believe.  God can't lead you, so you have to rely on THEM.  See how Satan pulls the bait and switch?  Men claim you must obey men to obey God.  No, you must OBEY THE HOLY GHOST to obey God.  (I John 2:27As you obey the Holy Ghost, Antichrists will pressure you to stop listening to the Holy Ghost and trust in CHURCH LEADERSHIP to guide you instead.  (I John 2:22-28 ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
[ 23.  deadly satanic doctrine #3:  You must pay tithes and offerings ]

"Satanic Lie # 3)  You must pay tithes and offerings.

    "In the NEW TESTAMENT, there is not one scripture to back this up.  In the NEW TESTAMENT, you give GOD (Not the church) EVERY PENNY YOU OWN.  (Acts 4:34-35You do this by doing EXACTLY WHAT THE HOLY GHOST SAYS TO DO WITH YOUR MONEY.
"In the Old Testament I told Moses (Leviticus 22:17-18, 21) tithes were free will offerings.
    "In the New [Testament], I commanded every man give as the Spirit of God convicted him.  (II Corinthians 9:7, Acts 5:3-4 — Note:  Judgment fell because they [Ananias and Sapphira] LIED to the Holy Ghost, not because they kept the money.  Peter plainly states it was in their power to keep back part.  God left it up to them to decide how much to give.  If God needed the MONEY, why did He slay them before He could get the rest?)
"Read about Israeli priests Eli, Hophni and Phineas in the Old Testament.  They forced people to pay tithes, and were judged by Me for it.  (I looked it up, "Phineas" means "serpent's tongue – accusing spy" and "Hophni" means "fighter, thug, hitman":  Phineas spied on everyone and reported people who didn't pay to Hophni.  Hophni then went out and beat them half to death.  Both died under God's judgment.)  It is FORBIDDEN for the priest to DEMAND the tithe OR offering.
    "Yet the American church DEMANDS you pay tithes to ANY CHURCH, just to pay, and many have given their money to Satan's servants to perform Satan's work.  Just because they claim to be the true brethren by having a building does not qualify.
      "I [God] gave the commandment to pay tithes to provide food for the poor, and provide a living for My priests.  (Malachi 3:10, Matthew 12:3-5Not to build buildings.
    "You'd be better off giving ten percent to your neighbor whose husband just left, or lost their job.
"I, God, don't need your money, anyway.  The poor do.
    "Count how many references there are in the New Testament to help the poor.  (I gave up after the Gospel of Luke – there were too many!!)
      "Now show me ONE New Testament commandment to pay tithes.
    "(The reference to Melchisedec and Abraham in Hebrews Chapter [ 7 &] 5 is a historical fact reviewed.  How people get a New Testament commandment from this to pay tithes, I'll never know.)
"Nevertheless, it is PROPER to fellowship with, walk in love and peace towards, and pay tithes and offerings to THE TRUE BRETHREN as My Spirit guides you.  But it is up to YOU to seek Me and I will reveal to you who is OBEYING ME and who is not."  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]
[ 24.  As churches refuse to SUBMIT to the HOLY GHOST, My Spirit will leave them ]

In 1985 the Lord showed me America viewed from space.  I saw hundreds of lights.  Soon, the lights began to go out.  One by one, until very few were left.  He told me, "The lights represent My Spirit in the churches.  As they refuse to SUBMIT to MY HOLY GHOST, one by one, My Spirit will leave them.  They will end up dead, dry works."  Since then I have seen church after church after church become apostate and lose God's Spirit.  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]

[ 25.  Sound the Alarm:  Follow the Holy Ghost (and not after men). ]
[ The last days are upon us. ]

Brother (Name withheld), SOMEONE has to warn God's precious sheep to FOLLOW THE HOLY GHOST and not [follow] after men.  (I John 2:26-27).  The Church is raping, murdering and destroying people just like God told me.  Everywhere I go I see a path of bruised, sick, dying people left in the wake of the Beast with iron teeth.

    Every time the Holy Ghost commands me to do ANYTHING in a church, the leadership is in an uproar and they throw me out.
The most spiritual people I know have all had the same experience.

I am hoping against hope YOU are still true to God and will sound the alarm.  (Ezekiel 3:17-21)

I first heard of you in the 1980's.  A man at work gave me a copy of "The Vision."  It was a first edition, printed in 1974.  You gave 15 prophecies that would come to pass before Jesus' return.  As I read the prophecies,

    I said, "I remember when that happened.  I remember when that happened."  Finally, you said nude dancing would become the fastest growing industry in America.  I said, "That hasn't happened yet."
      God told me, "Oh, yes it has."  I said, "Prove it!"  He said, "I will!"  at 10:00 PM on a Sunday night.
    At 08:00 AM the next day, I was reading the front page of the Wall Street Journal.  The cover story was:  Nude dancing was the fastest growing industry in America!  The article repeated point by point EXACTLY what you had written in your book.
I give you and [your] ministry the right to preprint this material for your book.  If you never use it, I love you anyway.

The last days are upon us.  It is time to wake up.


An anonymous friend of Torah Teacher Ariel  ^  Events surrounding this prophecy. ]

^  Events surrounding this prophecy.
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