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A Simple Divine Healing
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Seeking  Bible  upd:12/14/09
Written:  May 28, 2009
A Simple Divine Healing  (Chronic Back Pain Gone)

On Wednesday, May 27, 2009, after a hard day's work, after I was in bed, ready to go to sleep, a chronic pain in my lower back was mildly hurting, no matter which way I turned (on which side, or at what angle I turned).  This was unusual, because normally when I laid down, any back pain would go away.

So I said a simple prayer, like a little child would say talking to God, asking God to take away the pain, and heal my back.  My prayer was very simple, spontaneous, conversational and casual, and I don't think it even included an Amen because, almost immediately the pain melted away over the next 5 to 10 seconds.  I thanked God for making the pain go away, and went on to sleep.

The next morning and day, were full of pleasant surprises.  The chronic back pain, that has been with me for years, was gone.

My mind was in the habit of bracing for the pain, and having me move slowly to spread out the pain, causing it to be less painful over a longer period of time.  This is probably called something like "pain management."  But now the pain never came, so I began to move around faster, as my habitual fear of the pain subsided.

I could bend over quickly and pick things up off the floor or ground, without worrying about how bad the pain would get if I moved too fast, because now there was no pain.

That next morning and day, I probably did three times as much work as the day before, once I fully realized I could do so many things without pain.

Even at the computer, I was in the habit of leaning way forward in the chain, or quickly collapsing back into the chair,  leaning way back in the chair as it tilts backwards, because it hurt to sit up straight.  Now, I could sit in any position, without the back pain.

My enthusiasm was up, because I was doing things I would normally leave for someone else to do, especially if it involved a lot of bending over.  My endurance was up, because I wasn't getting tired from managing the pain.

All of this may fit into a bigger perspective, based on a lot of questions I have been recently asking God.

Because a son-in-law of mine is fighting cancer, I have been trying to do a Bible study on divine (creative, re-creative, miraculous) healing.

Mostly, I have been coming up with a lot of questions for God, and looking for the answers in the Bible.

I want the Bible study to explore the various theological basis's for diving healing, as found in the Bible.

And then what all do we have to do, as our role in praying for a divine healing for ourselves, and for others?

The answer seems to be as simple as praying a simple prayer, asking God for a divine healing, and then turning it over to God, because only He can take it from there.