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My First Miracle
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Seeking  Bible  upd:11/12/09
Written:  July 3,2009

It is hard for me to know where to begin, since there has been so much that God has shown me, and revealed to me, over the years.  However, the first miracle that God showed me, changed my life.

Back in the late 1980s, I had a lady that worked with me, who had three children.  She was also a very good friend.

Asking God, and Believing

I had a line to God, and I knew He was real, so I began to pray for her.  I kept asking God to heal her.  Even though the world kept saying it could not be done, I knew that I served a Living Loving God and He wanted us to commune with Him about everything.  So why could He not heal my friend of her cancer?

I tried  to get anyone that would listen to pray.  Most people just looked at me like I was out of my mind, but a few would listen and encourage me.  I tried to get the pastors in the area to help me pray, but again, I felt that it was just me and God.
Asking God to Build my Faith

As my friend was growing weaker and weaker from the loss of her blood, I was scared, but sure that God was still there and listening.

I am sure I had doubts many times, and sank low, but God would always give me what I needed to believe.

God knows that His children are weak, and that they need Him.  I probably was really growing weak in my faith, and I began to ask God for a sign that He was really going to heal my friend.  I had no idea how it would happen, but God always comes through for His children.
The Worldly Perspective:  It's Bad
[worldly "tunnel" vision is always limited, because it ignores what God sees]

The day of the surgery, her husband, children and myself gathered in the waiting room.  I went to the hospital cafeteria for something.  I ran into a nurse friend of mine.  (I have known her since she was a little girl, and I trust her.)  She pulled me aside, and told me that she had seen my friend's charts, and that it was bad.  They had only given her 3 months to live.  They were going in to clean her up as best they could, so she could get her affairs in order, and she would be out of here.

    I looked at her with a boldness from my GOD, because it could have only come from GOD, and I said,  "I am sorry, but my God has told me different.  So in just a few hours, after the surgery, I will run up the stairs, because the elevators cannot carry me fast enough, to tell you what MY GOD HAS DONE."
Waiting on God's Results

I went back to the waiting room to be with my friend's husband and children, and we all stayed together until we could hear from the doctors.  I know that it was several hours that passed.

    Finally, the doctor did come in.  He told us that he did not understand it, and that it had to be a miracle, but that my friend was going to be fine.  She would require no Radiation or Chemotherapy, but that she was going to be fine.  Praise GOD, Amen!!!!!!

    Her husband looked at me with tears and said, "You knew!!  How did you know???"  I said, "GOD  told me."

    We serve such an awesome God, yet we do not look to Him for the little things in life, so how can He possibly show us the big things?

God Heals Perfectly

It has been 19 years since my friendís miracle, and she is such a pretty, healthy lady.  She has had nothing but healing love and joy.