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~ 1971 Vision of the Night
^  Events surrounding this prophecy.

- 1971.  A vision received by C. Alan Martin (songbird@interpath.com).

I am reminded by a few that many of the new subscribers may not be aware of my 1971 vision of the night and how it relates to the history of the US from the 1950s into the next century.

A short recounting is this:

I was given a vision of the night that depicted the last 12 presidents of the US.

I have really been holding my breath for some time now. Based on this vision of the night, I (in 91-92) said that Why would the Lord tell us this 27 years ago? (the earliest record of the vision I can find is in a journal I have from 1973). It will be 27 years ago in February that I received this. It was actually in response to a prayer. What to look for:

(1.) Gore will become president. - GREAT CONFUSION!!!  [Great confusion, but Gore ultimately did not succeed.]

(2.) Great problems for the country and believers.

(3.) An outpouring in response to persecution.

(4.) Historic events in the Mideast.

(5.) A great destruction in the US. I wish I could be more specific. In the dream I saw a man who looks a great deal like Gore who presided over the destruction.

(6.) Realize that this is happening is for several reasons: ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.
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