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^  Events surrounding the Rapture.

Raptures, and the Wraths they Precede

Raptures precede the Lamb's wrath and God's wrath, but may not precede satan's wrath.

"Pre-Trib Rapture ?"

"Pre-Trib Rapture"

Devil's Wrath Begins
( The 4 names of satan: dragon, serpent, devil, and satan )

Satan cast to Earth: the Great Tribulation begins  Rev 12:9

The One-Verse Christian Survival Kit (How to Overcome satan) Devil's wrath begins, and extends until his defeat at Armageddon  Rev 19:19-21 Israel Persecuted First, but is Protected  Rev 12:13-16

Dragon [satan] then Makes War with the Christians  Rev 12:17

Sea beast (the anti-christ) makes war with the saints and overcomes them  Rev 13:7.

4 Seals opened unleashing the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse  Rev 6:1-8

Martyrs for Christ killed until their number is fulfilled  Rev 6:9-11

Events (see Rev 6:12-15) preceding the Lamb's wrath  Rev 6:16-17


For the great day of his [the Lamb's / Jesus Christ's] wrath is come; ...  Rev 6:17

4 Angels holding the 4 winds  Rev 7:3a

144,000 sealed, 12,000 from each tribe of Israel  Rev 7:3b-8

Pre-Wrath Rapture

Pre-Wrath Rapture (pre-Lamb's wrath, also, pre-God's wrath)  Rev 7:9-17

Lamb's Wrath

Lamb's Wrath (Seal #7, Trumpet #1 - #5)  Rev 8, Rev 9:1-12a


144,000 Redeemed (Raptured)

144,000 Redeemed (Raptured)  Rev 14:1-5


Preaching the Gospel to every Nation

Preaching the Gospel to every Nation (Angel #1)  Rev 14:6-7


God's Wrath begins

Babylon is fallen, is fallen (Angel #2)  Rev 14:8, Rev 18

What if you Worship the Beast & Image & Receive his Mark?  (Angel #3)  Rev 14:9-11

Patience Endurance by the Saints  Rev 14:12-13

Loose 4 Angels (Trumpet #6)  Rev 9:12b-21

7 Thunders, Little Book  Rev 10


Final Rapture of the remaining Saints on earth

Final Rapture, Earth Reaped, The Harvest of the Saints  Rev 14:14-16

Martyred and Raptured Victorious Christians on the Sea of Glass in Heaven  Rev 15:2-4


God's Wrath continues

7 Last Plagues (Vials, Bowls) of Wrath #1 - #7  Rev 15:1, Rev 15:5-8, Rev 16, Rev 19:2-3

Marriage of the Bride and the Lamb (Wedding Supper in Heaven)  Rev 19:1, Rev 19:4-10

Christ and Christians, Return to Earth Rev 19:11-14

Armageddon  Rev 14:17-20, Rev 19:15-21

Satan bound for 1,000 years  Rev 20:1-3


Lamb's & God's & satan's Wrath ends

Called, Chosen, Faithful Christians Reign with Christ 1,000 years  Rev 20:4-6


An Analysis using BC/AD dating (with comparisons using Resurrection Dating)

Based on a more traditional analysis, using BC/AD dating, and then comparing it with Resurrection Dating

The earliest Rapture window is formed by two constraints: With regard to the 1st constraint, in the Bible we are told repeatedly that Jesus Christ will come quickly and will not tarry: So why does it appear that Jesus Christ has been tarrying for almost 2,000 years? The other constraint deals with the earliest date that God's wrath can commence. Therefore, based on this analysis, ^  Events surrounding the Rapture.
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