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~ Links to the Latest Prophecies: 23  22  21 20  19  18  17  16  15  14  13  12  11  10  9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1
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PE  Description of Major Prophecies
   (and Links to them):
Additional Pages  ^  God's Plan vs Satan's Plan for Eternity
 ^  How to Spend Eternity in Heaven!
 ^  God's Gift to Man
 ^  JESUS ( IESOUS in Greek ) = 888
Additional Pages  ^  Bible Help on the Way to Eternity
 ^  How to Overcome & Endure with Patience & Faith
 ^  Old & New Covenants: Structure & Terminology
 ^  Jesus Christ's Commandments for Christians
 ^  Keep "The 8 Commandments" of the New Covenant
 ^  Understanding The  HOLY SPIRIT
 ^  Truth and Falsehoods Abound:  We Choose What We Believe
 ^  Changes in the Value of a Dollar (US Dollar's Decline)
Additional Pages  ^  Revelation Chronology
 ^  Counting down to the Great Tribulation
 ^  3.5 year Great Tribulation: Apr, 2003 - Oct, 2006?  Not fulfilled.
 ^  3.5 year Great Tribulation: Apr, 2004 - Sep, 2007?  Not fulfilled.
 ^  3.5 year Great Tribulation: Apr, 2005 - Sep, 2008?  Not fulfilled.
 ^  3.5 year Great Tribulation: Apr, 2006 - Sep, 2009?  Not being fulfilled.
 ^  3.5 year Great Tribulation: Apr, 2010 - Sep, 2013?  Watch ?.
 ^  3.5 year Great Tribulation: Apr, 2011 - Sep, 2014?  Watch ?.
 ^  3.5 year Great Tribulation: Apr, 2015 - Sep, 2018?  Watch !, earliest likely.
 ^  The Earliest Rapture Window: Spring of 2017?  Watch !, earliest likely.
Additional Pages  ^  Who's Who in Bible Prophecy / Prophecies
 ^  Mystery, Babylon the Great (the UN/USA or RCC ?)
 ^  The Scarlet colored Beast (EU political system,  NWO)
 ^  Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone vs the Bible
Additional Pages  ^  Creation Week Questions the Bible Answers
 ^  The Probabilities of Accidental Creation -vs- Complexity
 ^  Crucifixion & Resurrection Questions the Bible Answers
(in the Bible)
 ^  How God Saved the Three in the Fiery Furnace
 ^  How God Saved Daniel in the Lion's Den
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PE  Description of Major Prophecies
   (and Links to them):
an Arab lady  ^  Spring 2003: "all will be fulfilled."  Passover is 4/17/03
Dumitru Duduman  ^  Return to Romania (repent, judging dishonor)
  PREPARE:  ^  Bird on the Plane (Obey & be Blessed)
  Repent & Obey  ^  The Camp of God (and the Redeemed)
 ^  Fear Me and Draw Closer
 ^  A Peaceful Heart
 ^  Fish Now, While You Can (in the Moonlight)
 ^  Mercy and Victory to Those who Today Obey
 ^  War: Have the Lord Prepare and Protect You
 ^  Examine Your Heart, so the Lord may Save You
 ^  The Lord will Speak to You: What You Must Do
 ^  Fire in the Heavens
 ^  The Savior Returns As Judge
 ^  Letters to the American Churches
 ^  The Days are Numbered.  Join the Lord's Army
 ^  The Future of Israel (Peace taken away)
 ^  USA weakened by wind, storms, tornadoes, disasters
Dumitru Duduman  ^  Book of the Gentiles: 4 blank pages remain
 Grace Leaves  ^  Communism / Book of the Gentiles: 3 1/4 pages left
 ^  Lucifer vs Prayer / Book of Gentiles: 1 3/4 pages
 ^  One Page Remains (in the Book of the Gentiles)
 ^  The Three Scrolls and Great storms over the USA
 ^  Time w/o trouble, then the Star (America) Falls Fast
Dumitru Duduman  ^  America Will Burn (Mystery Babylon's Fall ?)
  America Will Burn  ^  Why did God name America: Mystery Babylon?
  Mystery Babylon  ^  Angel on a Red Horse (2nd Seal / Horseman)
    Falls  ^  Climb/Stand on the Mountain (Jesus Christ)
  When?  ^  Revolution in Romania, then troubles in USA
 ^  When will America burn?
 ^  A Black Cloud (Nuclear Fallout)
 ^  8 Kings fire on America: the Falling Star
 ^  Evil turns to USA; Arabs and Russians destroy her
 ^  USA destruction: Unstoppable atom bombs
 ^  China and Russia Strike the USA
 ^  Destruction comes from Mexico, Cuba, Alaska
 ^  Russia battles a USA that has no antimissiles
Dumitru Duduman  ^  Lucifer will make war against true Christians
  Christians are to  ^  The Christian's Sword defeats (overcomes) Lucifer and his Army
     OVERCOME:  ^  The way to Salvation: Christ, The Morning Sun
  (Patiently Endure  ^  Rapture: Great Joy when Christ Comes to take us Home
   until the end)  ^  The Sea Beast Strikes America/Christians
 ^  Three Comets: the beginning of God's Wrath
David Fry  ^  The Sign of the Antichrist's Coming:
  2 Comets, Satan's Star, Passover'98
 ^  3.5 year Great Tribulation: Apr 20, 2003 - Oct 1, 2006  (Not fulfilled)
  Given to:
PE  Description of Major Prophecies
   (and Links to them):
Thomas Gibson  ^  Preparation for the Times to Come: Obey the Lord.
  Christians, Churches  ^  The Reason for Condemnation (of Christians).
    and Ministries  ^  A Ministry in the Limelight brings about Pride!
  Beware:  ^  Cloaked in Humility
 ^  Submit to the Lord in All Things
 ^  Perversion of God's Blessings:  100 fold Return & Money Issues
Thomas Gibson  ^  Many will turn from the truth to a lie to avoid persecution
  Prepare to:  ^  Prepare in the spiritual to avoid trouble in the physical
  Stand, Defend Jews  ^  True Christians will stand up and defend My people, the Jews
  Stand for God  ^  My people shall stand for their God in midst of persecution
    in the midst of  ^  Those who fight in Churches will lose.  Stand for peace and love
  Persecution  ^  Seek God.  God is never wrong.   Power comes only through the Lord Jesus Christ
Thomas Gibson  ^  Your Choice: the World or the rising Church?
 ^  Bringing Revival
  More on  ^  The Loving God
  Preparing:  ^  Will Christ wink quietly at your Hidden Sin?
 ^  The Ways of God
  Repent  ^  The World stands on the Edge of a Cliff.
    and  ^  Times of the Lord
  Obey  ^  Surviving the coming Crash of the USA.
 ^  Be Apart from the World
 ^  Standing on the Rock Christ Jesus.
 ^  Preach the Gospel to All
 ^  Strong Division between the Church and World.
 ^  Do not Fear the Time.
Thomas Gibson  ^  Mankind's Greatest World Economic Collapse looms.
  An economy like this, never againPay off your Debts.
  Economic  ^  USA's Economic Fall soon, then a Greater Fall for the USA
    Collapse  ^  Stock market has sudden drop to bottom.  It cannot rise again.
 ^  Pay things off now.  When the crash occurs, stop spending.
 ^  World's Greatest Economic Collapse
 ^  Go through this economic collapse with every single need met
Thomas Gibson Clinton's sins become a test for the entire nation (USA).
  America Tested  ^  The people of America fail the test.
    & Fails  ^  Woe to the United States in 1999: the year of Disasters.
 ^  The Lament for America
Thomas Gibson  ^  Many More Wars to Come, with Many Nations Involved
 ^  The Glory of God has Departed from America
USA to Repent?  ^  Bombing of Iraq has severe Consequences for the USA
  Terrorist Attacks  ^  12/16/98 Attack on Iraq 'Consequences' begin 9/11/01
    vs  ^  USA to Repent?  Terrorist Attacks vs God's Protection
  God's Protection  ^  The United States will be attacked over and over,
  if there is no repentance.
 ^  When USA turns from sin, God turns from Judgments
 ^  If 6,000 being killed is Evil, how can 40,000,000 being killed be Freedom (not Evil)?
 ^  God gave America: Freedom to serve God, or Freedom from God?
Thomas Gibson  ^  Bush trading Palestine state & Jerusalem for Arab Support?
 ^  9/11 praying for protection, but without repenting, brings judgment
  War with Iraq  ^  Lord is pulling Bush into 'war with Iraq': America judged
 ^  Invasions of Iraq bring terrorism on American soil
  State of Palestine  ^  State of Palestine to be created by men and satan, then removed by the Lord
  Canada  ^  The Lord to judge Canada for sanctioning perversions (homosexual marriages)
  Mad Cow scare  ^  Drought ends, Mad Cow scare beginsRepentance stops judgments
  America  ^  2003: great destruction in America.  Repentance can save it
  United States  ^  Power Shortage in the United States ( US, USA ) ?
  U.S., US, USA  ^  U.S. will be hit with terrorism, natural disasters, other things, then war
 ^  USA suffers setbacks in reach to be a world power, then falls
 ^  Bush is re-elected in Nov 2004,
     but "his office" shall be killed (shall fall?) before the end of his 2nd term
 ^  Russia's war with the USA comes between 2005 and 2010
 ^  God Maps it out for Us, Step by Step
 ^  Do My will, the work that I called you to do
 ^  End times sign:  Fall of President, Economy Collapses, WW III (WW3)
 ^  7 Years of Plenty, 7 Years of a continuing Economic Crash
 ^  Bush, and a situation that will enable China and Russia to attack
Thomas Gibson  ^  Judgments first, then Revival in North America
  REVIVAL  ^  Church's "Book of Acts" Organizational System
 ^  Man's Foundation Destroyed in One Generation
Thomas Gibson  ^  Pray for the USA (nation), for Many Shall Die
  Mystery Babylon  ^  The Fall of a Nation (the USA)
    Falls  ^  Fall of America, and It's Leader
Thomas Gibson  ^  Date Setting My return: I'll return when I choose
  Christians are to
  Given to:
PE   Description of Major Prophecies
   (and Links to them):
Hal Lindsey  ^  Bush's proposal to swap the Golan Heights for Syria severing its ties to Iran
C. Alan Martin  ^  USA Presidents: 1971 Vision of the Night
Ken Peters  ^  Stock Market before 1Q'2002
 ^  USA has until End of 2003
 ^  The Dead in Christ Rise First.  TV & Radio shut down for several Weeks.
 ^  TV & Radio return:  Antichrist promoting world citizenship 12-14 hours/day.
 ^  Searching for Answers leads to accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord & Savior.
 ^  Worldwide Earthquake kills millions of people.
Ken Peters  ^  Weather chaotic:  Crops perish, Droughts, Famines, Pestilence.
 ^  Local Police replaced by UN world Military Police.
 ^  Military Police&TV Sets track & monitor Everyone & Everything.
 ^  For awhile, many "Christians" return to Jesus Christ in total surrender.
 ^  Avoid getting the Mark, Regardless of the Consequences!
 ^  The voice of the Lord tells me not to return to my home.
Ken Peters  ^  Dread, Suicides, Nations loose sovereignty, Evil pervades, Spiritual Darkness.
 ^  The Lord's people do Awesome Miracles worldwide for maybe 6 months.
 ^  The "New Order" plan revealed: Totally eliminate all Christians.
 ^  I knew now that the only way to be saved was to die for Jesus.
 ^  Tormenting voices:  You will deny ‘Him!’  You are a coward!  Give up and live!
 ^  "Lord save me, I don't want to deny you!"  was my call on the Lord for help.
Ken Peters  ^  My execution is painless:  ... absent from the body ... present with the Lord.
  Given to:
PE   Description of Major Prophecies
   (and Links to them):
a Concerned Prophet  ^  Report Card on Churches and Church Leadership
Rabbi in 1882  ^  What Event does Passover (April 17) 2003 hold for Israel ?
Pat Robertson  ^  2nd half of 2007:  very serious terrorist attacksmass killing
 ^  God's 2011 & 2012 Economic Direction for the USA
 ^  No Nuclear Destruction by Fanatics
James Robison  ^  We Have A Choice:  Humility or Humiliation
 ^      Nuclear or biological strike[s] in major population centers in the USA
Maurice Sklar  ^  Preparation of the Bride
 ^      & World Events thru 2010
Tom Van Asperen  ^  The 7 Thunders
 ^  The Bible's 911 Call (9/11/99, September 11, 1999 (or 2001?))
George Washington George Washington's Vision: 3 Perils befall the USA
  (Revolutionary War (Peril #1), Civil War (Peril #2),
 ^    Foreign Troops (Peril #3, Phase 1),
 ^    Martial Law (Peril #3, Phase 1),
 ^    Nuclear Attack? (Peril #3, Phase 2),
 ^    USA is victorious (Peril #3, Phase 3),
 ^    America Repents (Peril #3, Phase 4),  Revival in America
Kim Weir  ^  Judgments on America (areas of the USA), Pres. Bush, Cheney, Putin
David Wilkerson  ^  An Urgent Message from David Wilkerson
 ^  David Wilkerson's Economic Vision
  Given to:
PE   Description of Major Prophecies
   (and Links to them):
(in the Bible)
 ^  How God Saved the Three in the Fiery Furnace
 ^  How God Saved Daniel in the Lion's Den
(in the Bible)
 ^  Jer 51:8-15  Babylon is suddenly Fallen and Destroyed
(in the Bible)
 ^  Rev 17: Mystery Babylon burned with Fire
  The Revelation  ^  Rev 18: The Fall of Babylon the Great
  of Jesus Christ  
(in the Bible)
 ^  Zec 14: The LORD Comes and Reigns
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