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~ Jacob's Trouble 2015 - 2018 ?
^  Events surrounding this prophecy scenario.

[ Note:  This prophecy scenario places the start of the Great Tribulation (T-0) in the Spring of 2015.  It corresponds with the "bold" column of "Possible  Dates" on the page entitled "Counting down to the Great Tribulation."  This "bold" column of "Possible  Dates" (T- 0 = Spring of 2015), corresponds with the dates used in the "Bible Prophecy Events Outline." ]

Revelation  Timetable  2004 - 2015 - 2018  (the next 14 years,  Fall'2004 - Fall'2018)
Recent  Events
1st Qtr'2002 Stock Market prosperity ends
Final  Preparations  (about 1 year)
Fall'2003 Repent, & Prepare your heart to stand for Jesus Christ, no matter what the consequences are.
Without God's protection, and healing of our land, Americans are being brought to their knees via a falling economy, war(s) with the Arabs, terrorism, fear, bad weather, drought, earthquakes, disasters, destruction
EOY'2003 USA (America) has until the end of '2003 to repent (change its course back to God)
Transition  (about 1/2 year) to the 3 1/2  year Great Tribulation
Fall'2014 War in Heaven, Satan cast to Earth
Winter'2014/2015. Satan persecutes Israel (the Woman)
The  Great  Tribulation  Period (3 1/2 years) Begins
Persecution  of those standing for JESUS CHRIST (about 2 years, up to 28 months)
Spring'2015 Satan makes war against Christians
  "  2 Witnesses prophesy (in Jerusalem)
  "  Antichrist revealed (leads & promotes New World Order)
Worldwide earthquake kills millions
Weather chaotic (Crops perish, Droughts, Famines, Pestilence)
Britain, Russia, China fall, leaving Germany as the last beast power that devours the whole world
For awhile, many backslidden "Christians" return to Jesus Christ in total surrender
Avoid getting the Mark, regardless of the consequences!
The Lord's people do Awesome Miracles worldwide for about 6 months
Christians Martyred (the "New Order" plan is to totally eliminate all Christians)
"... the only way to be saved was to die for Jesus" (don't deny Jesus)
Spring'2017 The 144,000 (Remnant of Israel) are Sealed in their Foreheads with God's seal
  "  Pre Wrath Rapture (of Christians to Heaven)
God's  Wrath  on EARTH (about 1 1/2 years, but at least 14 months)
Summer'2017 3 Comets strike the Earth (the beginning of God's Wrath)
Jul 23 -
Dec 21, 2017
Men (remaining on Earth without God's seal) tormented 5 months
Early'2018 The 144,000 redeemed (Raptured) who have God's seal in their foreheads
Spring'2018 Mystery, Babylon the Great (UN/USA, America) falls in 1 hour
If any man worship the beast & his image, and receive his mark, he shall be tormented with fire & brimstone
Blessed are Christian Martyrs which die in the Lord from henceforth
Late 2 Witnesses are Killed, dead for 3 1/2 days, alive, ascend to Heaven
Summer'2018 Earth Reaped (Rapture of the remaining Saints on earth) (final Rapture)
  "  7 Vials [Bowls] of God's Wrath poured out upon the Earth
  "  Marriage (Wedding) of the Lamb,  and Marriage Supper, in Heaven
 Fall'2018 Return of Christ & Saints to Armageddon
  "  Satan bound for 1000 years in the Bottomless Pit
  "  Christian souls (previously beheaded for Jesus) reign with Christ 1000 years
This prophecy scenario is not saying that we know the day and hour of Christ's return.  It is simply a scenario to watch for.  The saints are not to be in darkness, but are to watch and be sober.

^  Events surrounding this prophecy scenario.
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