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 Seeking the Way to Eternity 
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Merry Christmas
& Happy Easter
Bible Help
Mat 6:33
But seek ye first
the kingdom of God,
and his righteousness;
and all these things
shall be added unto you.
How can we know
The WAY to Heaven ?
How many
will be in Heaven ?
( How many
find The WAY ? )
My Congregation
vs The Church
Member's Manual
Your Seeking Companion
Keeping us on
the narrow way !
Belief Bits.com
Divine Healing Insights
for Seeking Believers
What is the Knowledge,
for the lack of which,
We are Destroyed?
How to Spend
Eternity in Heaven
FAITH:  Putting
all your eggs
in God's basket.
Heb 10:23
Eternity is a Choice

God Reveals
His Nature

Old & New 
Structure &
Overcome & Endure
Jesus Christ's 
for Christians
Summary:  Keep the
8 Commandments
of the New Covenant
Report Card on
Churches and
Bible text on being
God's Gift to Man Bible Instructions
for a Great Marriage
We Have
A Choice:
Humility or
Truth & Falsehoods
Abound: We Choose
what we Believe
During the
Best of Times,
Get Out of Debt.
Perversion of
God's Blessings:
100 fold Return
& Money Issues
Preparation of the
Bride, World Events
thru 2010
Changes in the
Value of a Dollar
(Dollar's Decline)
What are the
Probabilities of
Accidental Creation
-vs-  Complexity ?
Creation Week 
Questions the
Bible Answers
Based on the Bible,
was Jesus Crucified
on Good Friday, or
on Good Thursday ?
Antichrist = 666
888c.com    Your    888c.com
Bible Prophecy Website
for Timely
Prophetic Information.
Fitting together
with the Bible, today's
Prophecy Puzzle Pieces
impacting our lives.
JESUS (Christ) = 888
What happens if
you call on 666?
Call on 888 (Jesus)
anytime (for free).
Great Tribulation
Begins Spring 2015?
 Grace leaves 
the Gentiles
The Earliest
Rapture Window:
Spring 2017 ?
 I Saw The

The Christian's

Advent 2018 ?
(Return of Christ ?)
We live in the most exciting generation of history, with the imminent return of Jesus Christ.  The Bible, Bible Prophecy, and Godís prophets provide us with what we need to know to overcome and endure (Mat 24:13) until the earth is raptured / reaped (Rev 7:9-17, Rev 14:1-5, Rev 14:14-16).

We have made it this far.  This site seeks to provide the urgent prophetic information we need, to get our heart and life prepared to finish the journey victoriously.  Without it, we may be destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6), when we were so close.

Based on the literal truth in the Bible.

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