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Satan's Plan:  Eternity in Hell
God's Plan:  Eternity in Heaven
Religion:  Man's search for God    vs - - - > Jesus Christ:  God's gift-solution for Man
Satan's Plan: Divide & Conquer using
many Religions, denominations, & sects.
God's Plan: Accept God's gift of
    salvation  (Jesus Christ, the only way)
Even divide up Christianity into
    endless denominations
( the Bible's New Testament / New Covenant
    has no divisions (no denominations),
    only  Christ's congregation (aka churches)
    at various geographical locations ).
Accept Jesus Christ
    as your Lord & Saviour,
and from this day forward,
    you are a born again Christian,
destined for eternity in Heaven, bypass-
    ing the white throne judgment of God.
Remember:  Religions, Churches, denominations, sects, etc., don't go to Heaven.
Only individuals go to Heaven(Those born again Christians who overcome.)
( For more on Choice, see Truth and Falsehoods Abound:  We Choose What We Believe )
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