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in Your Emails & on Your Website
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You can link to any verse in the Bible.

In your emails and on your website, you can easily include links to King James Version (KJV) Bible verses [plus NIV (and other) clarifying words].  Others can click on the links you have added and immediatly see the text of the Bible verse you have selected, plus surrounding verses, that give context and insight to its meaning.
  Old Testament
You can add "Links to Bible Verses" in
Your Emails & on Your Website.  Here's how.
Make up a URL (link address) for the Bible Verse you want to link to:
(where Bbb is the Bible Book abbreviation (see side bars),
cc is the chapter number, and vv is the verse number).  For example:
http://www.888c.com/zJoh14.htm#Joh1406   (for John 14:6)
http://www.888c.com/z1Jo05.htm#1Jo0511   (for 1 John 5:11)
http://www.888c.com/zRev20.htm#Rev2004   (for Rev 20:4)
http://www.888c.com/zPsa110.htm#Psa11004   (for Psalms 110:4)
(Note that if the chapter and/or verse number is 1 through 9,
add a leading zero "0" to make it 01 through 09.)
(Also, if the chapter and/or verse number is 100 or more,
use all three digits.)
Many email processors will later automatically underline the URL text
(link) above, that you have placed in your email, to make it clickable.
Some email composers enable you to Insert a Link by selecting
(or highlighting) text you have written (such as "John 3:16"), click on
an "Insert Link" icon or command on the toolbar, and then enter the
URL (http://www.888c.com/zJoh03.htm#Joh0316).  The result is:
. . .  one verse  John 3:16  says it all  . . .
Experiment with your email composer for the best results.
To report a problem with any Bible Verse Link, please
email the link to: VerseLink@888c.com
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To help get THE WORD out, please copy & paste the following text and link on the bottom of your emails (Thanks):
How to add "Links to Bible Verses" in your Emails and on your Website:   http://www.888c.com/AddBibleVerseLinks.htm
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