JESUS ( IESOUS in Greek ) = 888 
    The New Testament of the Bible was originally 
    written in Greek.  In the Greek alphabet 
    each of its letters has a numeric value 
    (like roman numerals).
Using the Greek spelling for Jesus 
(Iesous (Strong's#2424)), 
the numeric values of these Greek letters add up to:

.I . E . S .. O . U .. S. = JESUS

10 + 8 +200 +70 +400 +200 = 888

CHRIST arose on the
8th day (Sunday).
Christ's Resurrection
made Eternity in
Heaven possible for us
Eternity begins with the
8th 1000 years.
The scientific symbol for
infinity (eternity) is an 8
(on its side).
Each Octave (8) is a
new beginning in music
Dial 888 (Jesus) anytime (for free).

Eternity in Heaven is a free gift for those who accept
Jesus Christ (888) as their Lord & Saviour.

In the USA now, phone calls with an 888 area code
are also free. (Coincidence? Heralding Christ's Return?)

Whenever you dial 888, remember that  "... whosoever
shall call upon the name of the Lord [Jesus Christ (888)] 
[also a free call] shall be saved [from their sins and from
eternity in Hell] [salvation is another free gift]."

Romans 10:13 (10:9-13)

Accepting these GIFTS
JESUS (Christ) = 888
Do Not reject these gifts
by calling on 666.
Great Tribulation Begins
Spring 2015 ?
Revelation Chronology