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The Bible's 911 Call
9/11/99 or 9/11/2001?
888c.com    Your    888c.com
Bible Prophecy Website
for Timely
Prophetic Information.
Fitting together
with the Bible, today's
Prophecy Puzzle Pieces
impacting our lives.
How to Spend
Eternity in Heaven
Comets' Sign of the
Antichrist's Coming
Bible Help on
the Way to Eternity
Harry Potter and the
  Sorcerer's Stone
-versus-  the Bible
where are we NOW
in Bible Prophecy?
Latest Prophecies
The Future of Israel
(Peace taken away)
Bible Prophecy
Events Outline
chronological by date
Resurrection Dating
(rather than BC/AD)
Bible Prophecy Watch
Watch for clues that
any of the following may
be happening:  (1Th 5:6)
Lord > Bush > Iraq War
Babylon now under USA
State of Palestine,
Israel: Land for Peace swap
USA:Gaza Strip for Katrina
plus:World Events - 2010
2007:attacks, dirty bomb
2nd term of presidency falls
An  Urgent Message
from  David Wilkerson
USA Impaled on
"brink of war"
between 2005 & 2010 
Russia's War
with the USA
No nuclear
by fanatics
Nuclear or biological hits
We Have A Choice:
Humility or Humiliation
Fight in Churches & Lose
Pat Robertson: God's
2012 Economic Direction
for the USA
President Obama to be
humbled and judged
(oversteps his authority)
Obamacare will be his
The Obama - 
Hurricane Sandy Link
(Obama's Plan for Israel
at the UN  + 1 week =
Hurricane Sandy ) 
What Judgements
will it take for
America  to  repent ?
9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq,
hurricanes, disasters, weather,
economic  crash,   invasion,
Russia's War with the USA, ...
Concise Overview
of  Where We Are
in Bible Prophecy
Antichrist = 666 JESUS(Christ)=888
The DJIA (the Dow)
   7-year cycle,
a Prophetic Look.
Great Tribulation
(3.5 year) Begins
Spring 2015 ?
What happens if
you call on 666 ?
The Struggle for
Your Soul
Clinton's sins a Test:
   Americans fail !!!
'99: Year of Disasters Who's Who
in Bible Prophecy !
Growing $Cost$ of
   Severe Storms
Who is
Mystery Babylon?
Ken Peters:
   I Saw
The Tribulation
and the Wraths,
they Precede
Overcome & Endure The
Christian's Sword
US's Bombing of Iraq God's Gift to Man
Washington's vision
   Nuclear Attack ?
Merry Christmas
& Happy Easter
China and Russia
Strike the USA
Dumitru Duduman
USA  Prophecies
During the
Best of Times,
Get Out of Debt.
Call on 888 (Jesus)
anytime (for free).
New Orleans & USA
  Power Shortages
Member's Manual
Your Seeking Companion
Keeping us on
the narrow way !
Bible Prophecy
     of Prophets
  and Prophecies
How to add
Links to Bible Verses
in Your Emails &
on Your Website
[ Megiddo ]
in Bible Prophecy
We live in the most exciting generation of history, with the imminent return of Jesus Christ.  The Bible, Bible Prophecy, and Godís prophets provide us with what we need to know to overcome and endure (Mat 24:13) until the earth is raptured / reaped (Rev 7:9-17, Rev 14:1-5, Rev 14:14-16).

We have made it this far.  This site seeks to provide the urgent prophetic information we need, to get our heart and life prepared to finish the journey victoriously.  Without it, we may be destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6), when we were so close.

Based on the literal truth in the Bible.

This site also contains information on the following additional concepts & keywords: 1260, 2nd, 666, 888, 888c, advent, again, aids, antichrist, America, Arab, Armageddon, Babylon, beast, beasts, Bible, book, born, bowls, Christian, Christ, Christ's, come, coming, Daniel, Daniel's, day, days, Dumitru, Duduman, education, end, endure, eschatology, evangelical, evangelism, false, generation, Gentile, God's, Gog, great, heart, holy, Israel, Jerusalem, Jesus, knowledge, lamb, last, latter, life, literal, Lord, Lord's, Magog, mark, Megiddo, Middle East, millennium, mystery, of, once, overcome, plagues, pre, pre-millennial, prewrath, pre-wrath, prophecy, prophecies, prophesy, prophet, prophets, prophetic, Rapture, reap, reaped, reign, return, Revelation, Russia, salvation, Satan, saved, seals, second, signs, site, soul winning, study, the, thunders, time, times, tribulation, trib, trumpets, truth, US, USA, victory, web, witness, witnessing, wrath, year, years, your.
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